A long, long, long time ago, we left for the Midwest and we got home yesterday. I want to tell you all about those weeks, and the fun laced heatstroke we had and show you a billion well organized photos.

Today, however, is not the day for that.

On Facebook yesterday I referred to myself as "dead," and I don't think anyone who saw me yesterday would have argued with that. It's a word I self-apply and throw around a bit too easily, I think, especially in light of still fairly recent events such as my mother dying, etc. But well ingrained habits are difficult to break. (Notice I chose that phrase instead of "Old habits die hard." I'm getting better already!) Also, I have much bigger bad habits to worry about, so this one probably isn't going anywhere.

I have proof that people are taking me seriously in my smartassery, however. The first is this, which I found in my Google calendar when I flipped forward a few weeks:


Hopefully our recycling will still get done that day.

I can't remember the incident that prompted someone to add this to my calendar, but I'm sure that very someone will remind me.

The other was this, sent by friend and former co-worker Jim:


The sentiment is somewhat amplified by the dirty counter upon which the mug sits. It gets better though! It's personalized!


How awesome is that?

4 thoughts on “Hi”

  1. You are a riot. Thanks for your great writing.
    AND above all – thanks for recuperating and living to be able to pronounce yet another day how “dead” you are. Those who know what some of your days and all of your travel is like will most certainly allow you to be dead for several days after completing your adventures when returning to your island home.


  2. That’s awesome!! Made me laugh I too have felt half dead lately – working up to 4 hrs a day at one job and standing in 90+ degree weather in traffic cashiering out of a 6 pound apron of tickets and money – I have said these same words. Kevin asked me “why are you working the fair?” I couldn’t think of one logical reason. Love that cup! But please don’t die for at least 50+years.


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