Tomorrow is Jeff's birthday, and he will officially turn old. As old as me, in fact. My yearly recurring three week dalliance with a younger man is once again coming to its end. He's still pretty cute, see?

Photo (35)

It will also mark one year since we brought Maria home from the NICU. You might think I'm over the feeling of relief about that particular bit of unpleasantness being behind us, but nope, I'm still feeling it.


Yep. I am really, really glad that's over.

Jeff has requested that in honor of his birthday we eat breakfast food all day. So tomorrow, after our pancake and bacon dinner, there will be pictures of Jeff in the birthday hat!

4 thoughts on “Milestones”

  1. What determines officially old? Would like to know Jeff’s criteria since I’m so much older than him and does he think I’m at the oh so old stage.
    Maria at one year, so glad that she is doing so well.
    Breakfast food all day, once in awhile as a small girl my mom gave us pancakes, bacon and eggs as dinner. I loved it.


  2. How cool to be able to celebrate 2 happy occasions on the same day! Woohoo – birthday and
    coming-home-healthy parties!!!


  3. Happy birthday Jeff.I love the breakfast food all day! Breakfast for dinner is always good!and am also glad maria is good. I don’t think you will ever put it behind you.much love from the oldest living Tetloff!


  4. hAPPY
    BIRTHDAY jEFF! I’m sorry I don’t send out cards like I should but I hope your birthday is all good!…Jayne was blessed with a wonderful man and you guys are a cute couple and have beautiful kids!!


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