Gone Again

I know you've all been missing my sparkling prose and erudite wisdom, and if you haven't, well, bite me.  Yeah, go ahead.  Maria bites me nearly every day.  The Kitten bit my toe the other morning when I was lazily lounging in bed before the babies woke up.  It turns out that the night before, I had put his food dish up on the window sill to keep it out of Maria's grasp and then forgot about it.  So I can't really fault him over that one.

Maria has a problem with cat food.  She will fight the cats for it, pushing them out of the way so she can get to it first.  Usually we stop her before she can get any of it in her mouth.  Usually.  You might think that the fact that she keeps going back to the cat food is some indication that it's especially delicious, but that's not a reliable indicator in this case because Maria will eat nearly anything.  We feed her baby food, of course, and she eats it up.  But she'll also eat pastrami, hummus, Costco seven grain and bean salad,  and chicken masala (see photo below).  She will not eat peas.  Cat food but not peas.

Anyway, I was a slacker about blogging for a while because we had the Grandparents all to ourselves for three full days and two half days.  It was a lovely, low key visit during which we dragged them around our town to our favorite walks and they gamely went along and didn't complain.  Also,they sent Jeff and me downtown to the The Magnolia Hotel for a night.  The waterfront view was beautiful and the fireplace added tremendous cozy ambiance, even if the only way I could tolerate it was to simultaneously run the air conditioner, which I you assure I did.  We also went out for steaks and key lime pie and then caught an actual movie in a theater, which is a tremendous accomplishment when you have two kids aged three and under.  Did we party like rock stars?  No.  Did we have a nice time and then sleep like the dead?  Yes.


Sweet grandparent and child pictures: 



 Maria's first Indian food, as previously mentioned:


Kurt can rock a wide green meadow like Julie Andrews:



I think this is the first official Canadian Peeps-by-the-beach picture:


 Occasionally I get a taste of what it would be like to live near family, and I get very, very jealous of people who do.  Academia (and the need it imposes on us to do things like move to another country in order to get a job) is absurd, but I guess we're in it for the long haul, wherever the hell that takes us.

People have written to ask me how the immigration thing is coming along, and the answer is that we still have no idea.  However, there was a big case up here in the news this week about a similar situation.  The link is here.  One big difference between this family's case and our case is that they lied to immigration about their daughter having cerebral palsy.  (Well, they didn't mention it, anyway.)  We, too, were tempted to just forget to mention it to immigration.  I'm glad we went with honesty, because apparently they just find out anyway.

4 thoughts on “Gone Again”

  1. Very nice pictures! I wish the family lived closer like when we were kids.the brothers and sisters live too far from each other, missed seeing everybodies kids grow up! looks like everybody is having a good time, Mria’s appetite is good, she will be a strong and healthy girl!
    that is so cute about the catfood though…thanks glad Jeffs parents gave you guys a night off, in a couple of years you will have more mights off…(about 20)..goes fast though!..love ya anne


  2. I think Maria looks like Jeff and his mom…
    also see Jayne in her too…she is pretty, can’t wait to see her hair!


  3. Beautiful beach photo on the lat shot but wish you’d have found a person to take it so you couldhave been in it as well! Kids pics awesome as usual, yeah you’ll have to watch Maria little people in our family have been known to eat: dirt, bleach, vitamins by the bottle, toothpaste,baby powder, rubber grapes, chapstick, vaseoline and Heidi used to get up in the middle of the night at about 15 mos old and make her own salami sandwiches leaving the contents and fridge open. Such smart kids we have.


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