An Uncommonly Good Day

We're in hard core rainy spring mode, Jeff has been working long hours, and I had a work permit snafu that cost me some money and guarantees I'll be unemployed for a minimum of two more months.  

People are always bragging that they don't take defeat easily, whatever that means.  I think it means that they don't let defeat soften their resolve.  Well, I take defeat easily.  I take it lying down.  I'm the city of Paris blowing kisses to the German tanks.   After a good week and a half of moping about whatever I could think of to mope about (turns out, when I really apply myself, I can get a good mope on), we whimsically decided on Saturday to go on a hike at a new provincial park (new to us, at least) and ended up having a fabulous day. The park is called Gowlland Tod, and as usual, my camera didn't do it justice.

Here's Kurt gazing in awe at one of the waterfalls.  He's a fan.



Check out these weird, curved trees!  By the way, that bulge on Jeff's chest is Maria.


The secret ingredient that makes the forests here so awesome, we've decided, is the moss.  It makes the trees look like they're dripping crazy green, medieval magic.



Kurt took me for a good run down the trail, but happily paused at the inlet for a photo.  I spend a lot of time trying to keep Kurt in sight when we're in the woods, and not a lot of time looking around.


On the way home we stopped at a random local cafe and tried, for the first time, poutine fries.  I have been resisting trying this little bit of Canadian fare because, seriously, if fries with gravy and cheese turned out to be unbearably delicious, I might as well order my extra, extra large coffin now.

It was pretty good.

Photo (25)


You know it's a good day when you get Coke in a bottle…

Photo (26)

After we got home the kids continued to be sweet and well behaved, and I got a child free shower (that never happens) AND a nap.  How's that for fabulous?

Kurt capped the day with an orange popsicle, his new favorite dessert.  He ate it in record time.  I was amazed.  Then I found a sticky orange puddle on the floor behind his chair this morning.  

Maria capped it off with a jam session on the piano, and Jeff got an action shot: 


2 thoughts on “An Uncommonly Good Day”

  1. WooHoo for GOOD days and fabulous all-alone showers! Yeah Kurt – Grandpa Bob is thrilled you find awe in waterfalls! (Grandma too)


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