Yet Another Reading Break In Which No One Read A Thing

I come back to you now moderately bereft of inspiration in a way that I often am just before winter breaks into spring.   Of course, that transition means more here than it did back in Santa Barbara, which, I realize now, doesn't have much of a winter.  But it also  means that my bereftness of inspiration is especially bereft-y (see what I mean?), so bear with me.

Seriously, it has been snowing here this winter.  It happened again when Max, Danielle, Sylvia and Joel were visiting recently, over the "reading break"  from the university.  Last February when they visited it was sunny the whole week and I remember being miffed, because I had done quite a bit of bitching about the weather before they arrived and Victoria made me look bad.  This time, the weather was much more typical: windy, rainy, cloudy, then snowy, but it was not as satisfying as I thought it would be.  It just meant the kids were stuck indoors.  Not that we wouldn't have been stuck indoors anyway because, as I previously mentioned, there was plague.  I believe it was a Canada borne plague, because it hit the visitors hardest, especially little Sylvia.  Fever, snot, misery.  Doesn't that just make you want to hop a plane and settle into our guest room?

Interestingly enough, for his own personal, mysterious reasons, Kurt decided suddenly that he likes the snow, and proceeded to tromp like a native.


The kids were sweet, but somewhat resistant to being photographed together.  But check out Sylvia and my babes here:



Sylvia also fell in love with Phoebe, who for some reason never learns that toddlers are trouble.  Yes, Sylvia has plastic utensils in both her hands in the following picture, and may have been salivating:


Kurt loves these people.  Not always photogenically, but he loves them.  Joel, as usual, was especially good, and had the genius idea of building tunnels for Kurt's trains out of Mega-blocks.  Joel is a prince, and I'm not quite sure we deserve him.

Here's Kurt, first loving Danielle, and then being melodramatic about who knows what:



 Maria smiled at everyone and worked on her crawling technique, when not getting all up in Kurt's business.


And she also loved the snow.  But of course, Maria is a native.


 Album cover.  I'm thinking they'll be a jazz trio.  Or maybe a blues band.  Kurt will be the guitarist with mystique.


 Did I mention it snowed? Beautiful, if you're into that kind of thing.


 Jeff loved it of course.   


 Now we are four again (or six, if you count Phoebe and the Kitten, but since they never even try to use the broom or unload the dishwasher, I do not).  Four is nice and all, but four plus best friends is better.

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Reading Break In Which No One Read A Thing”

  1. Great entry! Wow, you had LOTS of snow. Glad you all have boots and are beginning to acquire the necessary attire for Canada living 🙂


  2. Those are gret pictures…looks like you al had a good time, and I am glad too see it! thanks, we love you, Maria is she getting some red hair in? and her eyes look brown..


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