Ten Things We Learned (Or Relearned) This Weekend

1. I have a nervous giggle, especially when faced with authority figures.  The more nervous I am, the more giggly I become.  When addressing a border patrol agent yesterday my gigliness reached a level that, according to Jeff, clearly indicated we had a dead hooker and a briefcase full of heroin in our trunk.

2. We need to do something as a family with my parents' ashes, because right now they're hanging out on a table in my brother's living room, both boxes, side by side.  Romantic, in a way, I guess.  But seriously.  We should do something.


3. I look funny in hats.  

Photo (24)

4. At the age of 36 my husband will still moon a city from a tall building at night without a moment's hesitation.

5. It's a good thing no one on Vancouver Island wants to hire me, because getting my work permit updated is not going to be the simple, cheap project I thought it would be.  Time to dig that Canada-shaped hole a little deeper and throw some more money in it!

6. Maria likes Rusty.


7. Kurt thinks that when he goes into an arcade and pushes the buttons on the video games that he's actually controlling what happens on the screen.

8. Sometimes when a hotel's website says that your room will have "a sitting area" they mean a chair.

9. Canada can really heat an indoor pool.  Since we moved here I have not been in a heated pool in the United States that felt warm enough.  

10.  Chili cheese hamburgers with onions are that good.  


8 thoughts on “Ten Things We Learned (Or Relearned) This Weekend”

  1. The hat picture is cute!
    As for #7, I used to do the same thing. I still remember when my older brother broke the horrible news to me that it wasn’t actually how you played arcade games. And, honestly, I was so crushed that I haven’t played one since!
    And remind me to tell you my border patrol story some time 🙂


  2. 3. I think the hat looks fine, esp. since people actually need to wear hats in Canada, unlike here.
    4. At least it’s at night. 🙂
    7. Jonathan thought the same thing until very recently!


  3. You look cute in a hat and so does Maria! Kurt looks so sweet sleeping in that picture…I really like the idea of going to fla. for the dropping of the ashes..dad parents are there…we could put some on the grounds where there at; and on the beach..I didn’t realize that was Rusty at first, I was thinking who’s that old man? Jeez were all getting old..and time is going to fast. love you always…anne b


  4. Gersh and Carol keep Grandma and Grandpa’s ashes in an anteroom to the living room they refer to as “the library.” I have a room like that in my apartment, second bedroom — where I keep my desk, printer, craft supplies, sewing machine, and a double closet filled with big plastic containers filled with stuff, I know not what. Overlaying this is a thick layer of things I’ve thrown there I have no idea what to do with, but I probably shouldn’t throw away. I call it “The Room!”
    I don’t have anyone’s ashes in there that I know about.


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