Maria's Milestones

Maria is six months old!


Our scale showed no discernible weight gain, although she seems bigger, for what it's worth.  We're still a couple of weeks from the doctor, so I'll give you a size update then.  But I can report:  she rolls, she squeals, she grabs her little feet, she grabs at toys, and she breaks into the most delighted grin at the sound of the song "Maria"  (the Bernstein song), which I sing to her quite often.  She has TWO razor-like teeth now, both on the bottom, and at this point, I feel fairly certain she's going to be a brown eyed girl.  Her eyes are still mostly off-blue, but have these fascinating little veins of gold that look suspiciously similar to the golden brown color of her father's eyes.  As I am rather fond of her father's eyes, I have no objections at this time.

Hair? Ha!  Clearly she has no need.

4 thoughts on “Maria is six months old!”

  1. How delightful and sweet. SIX months! Even for Maria that sounds really OLD. Next she’ll be sitting and crawling and she and Kurt will develop a whole new relationship.


  2. Happy 5th month birthday Maria. Man she’s cute!! I can’t wait to see what color and kind of hair comes out of that pretty head! How’s our Kurt doing?


  3. She still looks so much like you jayne, you didn’t have hair for almost 2 years! but I’m glad she is getting her teeth and doing good. I wish we could be there again! Happy birthday Maria, please give her and Kurt a kiss from me…love ya…anne b


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