Tenacity, Thy Name Is Me

Since last year's maiden trip to the pumpkin patch was such a smashing photographic success, we were determined to try again this year with the part of Sylvia being played by Maria.  Sylvia sweetly donated the pumpkin outfit she wore last year and I put Kurt back in the same pumpkin outfit he wore last year since he's still not verbal enough to voice his embarrassment.  In fact, it mostly still fit.  His legs are longer, but that's about it. 

 Off we went to Galey Farms, which featured a sad little corn maze (Should people be trying to grow corn in the north Pacific?) that somehow featured an Egyptian/pirate ship/Old West theme…yeah…here's a visual:


Anyway, we did our best through the corn maze in the rain and mud.  Kurt made it with only mild coaxing and a quarter of a bag of Veggie Booty.


But somewhere between the maze and the pumpkin patch (reachable only by very slow tractor), Kurt decided this was ridiculous and sat down in the mud, howling.  We took this as our cue to exit, but I was sad because it meant no cute pictures of small children in pumpkin outfits lounging in a pumpkin patch.  Jeff had the genius idea of going back in the afternoon after Kurt's nap, and so we did, having washed Kurt's pumpkin outfit in the interim because of the black, evil, clay-like mud that had covered it.

Part two of our trip to the pumpkin farm of the damned went slightly better.  The rain stopped, and Kurt seemed to enjoy the hay ride, or more specifically, the very large wheels of the tractor.  Maria rocked the pumpkin suit hard, and maybe we can photoshop her into one of the pictures of last year, because we never did get Kurt to smile this year.

Of course, he did seem sort of concerned that we would leave his baby just lying around on the ground like that:


So there you go.  A little rain, a little mud, some dead plants, some bitter toddler weeping,  some over- priced, misshapen pumpkins that would two days later be replaced by pumpkins Jeff bought at Safeway, and you've got yourself some Halloween magic.  

We'll probably look elsewhere next year.

4 thoughts on “Tenacity, Thy Name Is Me”

  1. What an adventure. You two certainly do share a lot with your children – and all for our entertainment and pleasure – thanks for the great photos and walk through the pumpkin patch 🙂


  2. those babies look so cute! thanks…it looks like a fun day and really funny the way youe describeb it, Kurt and Maria are sure lucky they have you and Jeff as parents, they have alot of fun! luckies!…anne love ya


  3. That looked like a fun day – you must admit yes anyone can go to any sort of pumkin patch but that one was different! Loved the pictures such darlin’ kids! Happy Halloween!


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