C is for Cookie…yumyumyum!

Jeff has gone back to work for the semester, leaving me in charge of the babes for most of the week. I have been busy.  To (pleasantly) complicate matters, Jeff had an after hours debate for the psychology honors club this week against another professor from UVic.  The debate got a lot of press, and Jeff was invited to two radio interviews before the debate itself, which according to those in attendance, was a smashing success.  I myself was not in attendance because by the time I arrived, the auditorium was full and fifty people were standing in the back.  The topic of the debate was "Is Monogamy Natural For Humans?"  

And which side was my dear, sweet life partner arguing?

Oh, the humor.

My sister Lisa and her husband Kevin did manage to get in to the debate and they said Jeff did great.  Which reminds me…my sisters Lisa and Anne and their husbands Kevin and Charlie are visiting us! In Canada!  I can't believe how many visitors we've gotten since we moved to this rock.  Clearly we should have relocated to a rainy, largely inaccessible island in another country years ago.

The visit's been great, although Kurt has basically burst into tears the moment anyone tries to speak to him.

 I hate to encourage this kind of competition, but Maria's rocking the cuteness thing a smidge harder than the fussy Kurtopus this week.  See?



It's not like Kurt doesn't do his part, though.  Here he is figuring out that two of a good thing doesn't always double your pleasure.


Verbal development update:  yup, it's developing!  (Though I'm sure that I alone am able to understand a good 80% of his vocabulary.  Most of what he says probably sounds like gibberish to the untrained ear.) He points to the back of his books and says, "bar code."  When he wants milk he says "milk" and when he wants toast he says "toast."  He says cookie almost from the moment he wakes up.  This afternoon when we were in the yard and my attention wandered, he trotted over to the neighbors' house and chanted "cookie" at the door the way a zombie might chant "brains."  Of course, they let him in and gave him a cookie.   

7 thoughts on “C is for Cookie…yumyumyum!”

  1. Oh my god, those pictures made me SOOOO HAPPY. And I can’t tell you how much I wish that Kurt would walk up to my door right now chanting “cookie”!! Ugh, we miss you guys so flipping much!!!


  2. Oh my goodness, she is just getting cuter!
    And YAY about Kurt’s words! I think every mom is the only one to understand her own kid at first. She’s the one who really needs to know what he’s saying, right? 🙂


  3. This entry put us way up there on the bar for “missing you 4 soooo much”. Sorry about the tear thing when Kurt’s Aunts and Uncles and other people try to talk with him – hope that passes soon. Maria is adorable. I’m not sure how we could be so fortunate to have 4 completely different grandchildren and each of them heartbreakingly darling in their own way – but we are – hurrah! Oh, and I agree with Danielle – any time Kurt comes to our door and chants “cookie” he will, without a doubt be given the biggest and the best! 🙂 Sorry Mom and Dad, no holding back here – Kurt has us wrapped around his fingers 🙂


  4. We have been having a marvelous time and should have come out months ago. The kids are yummy and we are trying to enter into their zone. We will definitely coming back but next time with more money ( ; we’re trying to fit lots in and unfortunately will be leaving tomorrow.


  5. ITS BEEN A FUN VISIT! Jayne took us for a real english tea at a pub, it was good…We’ve see Jeff dressed for work and he looks very handsome. Victoria is a really beautiful city!..so clean and cute houses. well seeing mom and Rusty and Marty and Stephanie was wonderful too….It was nice being away from Sac. Ca for a while….love you anne


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