The Rest Of St. Louis

And indeed, we are healed, mostly.  I announced to Facebook the other day that the lingering Ick had been handily passed on to Jeff, but Jeff only felt bad, Theraflu-bad at least, for a day or so.  He might still be sick, but he's currently in such denial about his symptoms that he might as well be well.  Jeff's powers of denial never fail to astound me.

I've felt better for a few days now, and I would have blogged sooner, but Thursday-ish I was scrolling through iBooks looking for something diverting and I saw that ridiculous series about teenaged vampires of the Pacific Northwest.  I started reading the first chapter of the first book, laughed, and told Jeff this has got to be the stupidest, most hokey thing anyone has ever put down on paper.  People, it is Sunday night, and I regret to inform you that I am now reading the THIRD BOOK of that ridiculous series.  

Once again, I am utterly betrayed by my XX chromosomes.

But back to St. Louis. As promised, here's a billion more pictures.

On Thursday, the New York Niehomes arrived, and Kurt was, well, not exactly social, but also not running away into a dark corner at the sight of his cousins.

Photo (8)

And on that very Thursday, Maria met not only her Uncle Paul and Aunt Kimberly, but her great-grandparents also.



And Maria was baptized at her grandparents' church, like Kurt, and by the same very nice pastor.  She looked lovely in her gown, though no more feminine than Kurt did in his.  Uncle Paul and Aunt "Remember the baptism!" Kimberly did their standing up as sponsors once again, which occasioned the following comment later that night…. Kimberly: "You know, I was reading through some of the literature the church gave us, and it's a good thing I never mentioned I'm Jewish, because it might have been an issue."

 (Jewish godmothers: like fairy godmothers, only with better gifts.)


And we played, mostly in the water, because it's hot in St. Louis.


This is photo 1 of 2 in which Sawyer is adorably wearing goggles:



We took a trip to Grant's Farm, and saw really big buffalo really up close.


I tried to cajole Kurt into feeding baby goats with a bottle.  Optimistic of me, no?  In my defense, Kurt has tried to give Maria her bottle, so it's not a foreign concept. He was having none of it.


We took him back to The Magic House, only this time we let him play with gears.



Photo 2 of 2 of Sawyer adorably wearing goggles:


Kurt practiced his light switching like he was getting ready for the championships.


He practiced a bit back at the house, too…


There are no bad trips to St. Louis.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to Bella and Edward.  I got a feeling it's gonna work out for those crazy kids.

8 thoughts on “The Rest Of St. Louis”

  1. The pics of Maria with all her adoring relatives are just super sweet! I haven’t read that ridiculous series yet. I have a terrible problem with not being able to put down a work of fiction once I start it, so I think I’m going to have to wait a few years before reading many books. Even ridiculous ones! πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Jayne – Everyone I know that’s read the series thought the same thing, I’m tempted to give in and read ’em. Lovely pictures, the kids look so adventurous. Paul & Kimberly’s kids get cuter and cuter too! Less than 10 days away!


  3. Wonderful memories! So happy you were able to see Marcia before coming. Your family sure did have a big 2+ weeks of relatives! Can’t wait to do it again in a few months!!!!!


  4. Wonderful pictures
    I’m glad Maria got baptized, there are some really really good pictures! St. Louis does look kind of fun! somebody at work brought tapes of those vampire books and I got sucked in listening to them! The movies look corny to me, although I think the wolf guy is a interesting idea..Maria is starting to look like Jeffs mother,she’s growing good…love ya…anne b


  5. As I scroll down over the pictures, Kurt’s little butt surprises me every time! “Oh yeah, there’s Kurt flipping a light switch…. Ahhh! That’s a butt!” πŸ™‚ Great pictures all around!


  6. Such cute pictures. Yes I was sucked into the same series. I got them when I was pumping and they were so mindless it didn’t matter if you read a chapter here or there or at 3 am while hooked to the milking machine. Tadd wants them burned as they are a disgrace to our bookshelves. This is when having a kindle would come in handy.


  7. Hey there – coming tomorrow and we are soooo excited. Yeah Washington is okay but kinda depressing. Looking forward to hugging and kissing some little kids!!!! Aunt Lisa and Anne


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