Maria's Milestones

Maria is two months old!


She is 6 pounds, 8 ounces and about 18 inches long.  

As you math majors out there might have noted, the fact that Maria is two months old means that she was supposed to be born in the last week or so.  (Doth not it blow your mind?)  It also means that now, at her due date, she is almost exactly Kurt's size when he was born.  Me and the big babies, not so much.


5 thoughts on “Maria is two months old!”

  1. We knew it, we knew you’d let us get a peek at Maria on her 2 month birthday! (Thanks) What a darling!!!
    My how she has grown. Wish we could hug her through the computer. Please give Kurt and Maria extra big hugs from us. Hope to see you soon.


  2. What a cute baby!.. thanks for the picture, I have doll for her, I either have to mail or come and visit! I would rather do the latter. Love ya…anne b


  3. Ha she looks like a doll – same pose too! Bryan 10.5 and Heidi 9.5 looked like sumo wrestlers by now. I’m so jealious! I love the birthday chair pics you’ve incorporated with the kids. Hope you’re enjoying your company!


  4. Awww…how sweet! I love the bonnet – almost too embarrassed to say, but those hats always remind me of “Little House on the Prairie”! I have to also admit that I too am jealous of the little baby thing you have going on. Jake was 8.7 and (you’d never guess it by looking at her now, but…) Elise was 9.1!


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