A Turn About The Grounds

We went to Butchart Gardens today, which, after our first time there on Kurt's birthday, became a fairly regular pre-Maria family activity.  The difference between going in summer versus winter?  Well, in summer, there are actual flowers, like this:


and this


and this!


But there are also people, like this:


and this:


So, I'm conflicted.  The people made it much harder to maneuver a stroller, and I remarked to Jeff that I'm pretty sure an Israeli tourist lost a toe to our Jogger in the mayhem. 

I'd forgotten all about how walking around with a new baby makes you a minor celebrity.  Actually, it's even more so with a small baby.  In the short time since Maria has been hitting the town (well, softly patting the town, really), we have been treated to dozens of exclamations along the line of, "Oh my GAWD, she's so TIIIINY!" I'm not really complaining.  I understand the whole baby thing as being deeply life affirming for people.

For his part, Kurt enjoyed the gardens as usual, running over the bridges, marveling at the giant wheel, like so-


-and taking the pennies that people had thrown into fountains and waterfalls out and throwing them back in, which, and I believe I have this right, completely negates any chance of those wishes ever coming true.

The day became an even more smashing success at dinnertime, when Kurt was seen eating corn on the cob, which is astounding, as it is considered in some circles to be a vegetable.

Photo (6)

Maria was lukewarm on the gardens, but so far remains unimpressed by most things.  At least she looks cute doing it.


She's getting fat by the way…


6 thoughts on “A Turn About The Grounds”

  1. Oh my gosh, we wouldn’t say ‘fat’. But, she IS filling out nicely 🙂 Wow, the gardens ARE different from when we were there in January. Glad you get to enjoy each season!


  2. Your kids are beautiful!…glad you had a good time at the gardens, I will have to visit you and see the gardens too…love ya..anne


  3. If Kurt throws the pennies back, the original wishes might just come true. His wishes are young and little, and can’t crowd out the ones already attached to the pennies. If you did it, the result would be much different. That’s how wishes work!


  4. Oh boy, I didn’t put the other premie clothes in the box last time, is she out of that size now? Great pics, glad both kids are looking healthy and happy! Tourist, oh well!


  5. I’m so glad to hear about the stroller. I can now declare you an official Stieferman! Momo was always declaring that no matter how big the room was the grandkids could find her feet to step on.


  6. you’re really gonna need to make sure you have your pictures well organized / accurately time-stamped… a few years from now, it may be hard to tell which one is in the bouncer. (I know, this is a reused comment!)


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