This Summer’s Must Have Accessory

An unconscious baby, jauntily slung over the shoulder.


"What, you're taking a picture of me in my boxers, unshowered??" 


Jeff got Beatles Rock Band for his birthday and it's so fun, even I'm playing it.  But it is Kurt's most favorite activity ever.  He hands Jeff the guitar repeatedly in a "Here, Daddy, I insist you take time out of your busy schedule to relax and enjoy some guitar" kind of a gesture. Unfortunately, we haven't had much of a chance to play the drums, because as soon as they're fired up, Kurt immediately steals the drumsticks from us and monopolizes the game.  Here he is in his first captured drum solo (sans sticks):

5 thoughts on “This Summer’s Must Have Accessory”

  1. the baby looks like a doll! Cabbage Patch! cute, the last picture of Kurt didn’t come through. I bet the Beatles game thing..is fun! love ya anne


  2. I keep coming back to the pictures! I remember when I could carry Sylvia around like that… It’s hard to believe it to look at her now!!


  3. Do you remember this same pose I did in my Orangevale house with Kurt a few months old, but with one hand on his back…coincidently while cooking tacos, with Jeff nervously hanging around me – here I’ll take him… Ha ha yeah with second babies you tend to relax much more, noticing that??!!


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