Kurt and Maria

Kurt was mostly interested in the light switches in the little room where we met, but we finally got photographic documentation of our family of four.


The little guy seemed a bit pensive on the car ride home, but I think, overall, success!


7 thoughts on “Kurt and Maria”

  1. Jayne, this is wonderful. I’m so thankful that you are able to hold her, and she wasn’t attached to tubes…and that Kurt got to meet her. This is just incredible. I loved the pictures.


  2. yes, wonderful pictures! You have a sweet looking family, Jayne…Maria looks looks like she has gotten bigger! And Kurt is so photogenic in his pictures, love ya…anne


  3. I don’t think Kurt understands yet but when you’re all home together and he see’s you’re “keeping her” and feeding her etc, it’ll click. Sweet little guy!


  4. Oh my Gosh! I really should preview before I post.
    I meant to say – Patiently (well not so much) I really was anxiously waiting.


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