Hitting The Bottle

Maria's been trying to drink from a bottle twice a day.  It's tough work.  She manages about half a teaspoon full before conking out.  It's a start.  Here's Jeff on bottle/burping duty yesterday.


You know that anti-glare coating they're always trying to sell you at the optician's office? I shoulda totally sprung for that:

So the bun continues to do well!  She lost a little weight-they had told us she would-but tonight her weight was actually up.  It's freaky because they measure it in grams.  I try to nod intelligently when they they say she lost "thirty grams," even though I have no clue what that means.  Thirty of anything seems like a lot! But when I looked it up, turns out 1 gram=.04 ounces.  They left out her IV, so indeed her only tube really is her feeding tube right now.  AND they turned off the ultra-violet lights, which is good, because I think they were really pissing her off.

Don't you have another child? you may be asking yourself.  Oh, indeed I do.  He's been a teensy bit fragile, which has manifested itself by horrible weeping any time Jeff or I leave (but mostly me).  I'm flattered he noticed I was gone for that week, of course.  He also has decided he never needs to sleep ever again.  We've discussed it; his decision on this is firm.  Peace negotiations are breaking down.  We may need a mediator.

Here he is frolicking in a field of spring time happiness yesterday, no doubt centering himself for another night of resistance against sleep….


6 thoughts on “Hitting The Bottle”

  1. Oh, I wanna kiss her little hand & forehead!
    (BTW… you said “optician”… do Americans actually say “optician” or have you pledged allegiance to the Queen?)


  2. It’s like she took tiny baby-cute to the next level. I can’t get over how adorable she is 🙂 And, I love that her middle name i Phoebe! We had a cat named Phoebe for years, too, and it’s such a great name.


  3. Man, she looks so miniture and fragile.. but very dainty and pretty too! Can’t wait to meet her but you guys are looking much more relaxed. Does Kurt understand the new big brother aspect yet?


  4. I love the pictures and Maria looks cute in her hat! Jeff is a good dad, and you two make such a good couple! Kurt is so cute, I would just keep tiring him out! also you might try some yogurt or milk and cookies, maybe the milk will make him groggy or turkey ( with the tripto phan or whatever is in it)?…love you anne


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