Joy, Fun, And Seasons In The Whatever

People, pregnancy is kicking my ass, and I am mystified.  I had a job the last time I did this.  How did I have job the last time I did this?  I worked nights, even, which is especially puzzling as I clearly would need fifteen hours of sleep a day to properly function under my current circumstances.  When Jeff gets home in the evening, it's all I can do to raspingly whisper, "Jeff…take boy somewhere…anywhere…for at least a half hour."  And he does.   

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the outpouring of support/suggestions for names.  Whoever ends up picking the name we actually use will get a prize (maybe a toddler, depending on how it goes…).  I feel like Elsa should get a special prize for pointing out that her brother's name is Kurt.  Don't think we haven't considered this, Elsa.  Just you wait.

We had the Grandparents Niehaus this past weekend, woohoo!  They played with Kurt, they wandered around the city with us, and they babysat while Jeff and I went to tea at the Empress which was, oh, very cool.  Delicious and relaxing.  After the waiter brought the tea and the tower he asked if we wanted a picture and I said, "Oh, great idea!" and pulled out my phone to snap a picture of the spread.  Jeff said, "Um, I think he means do we want a picture of us."  

Yes, that's what he meant.


Here are other highlights….



Here's Jeff and me fighting after it looked suspiciously like Jeff had almost let Kurt try to jump off Mt. Doug into the ether.   (There was unseen ledge.)IMG_6123

 And Kurt being dragged off said mountain… 


Kurt threw a tantrum in the middle of eating cold berry mush and proceeded to look like a deranged monkey…

Before he realized his picture was being taken…

And Jeff lamented loudly, and with much drama, how saaad it is that he has such a great deck and noooo grill to put on it and how his birthday is sooooo far away, and well, now he has a grill.  Jeff's parents are nice.

SO the visit was good, and while Jeff has no classes to teach, it has become alarmingly apparent that he has to prepare for next semester, because who knew that professors weren't just making it up as they go along in class?  One of the classes he'll be teaching is statistics.  Doing math problems in front of a large group of people seems especially horrifying to me.  I'd rather be naked.  And singing.  And possibly dancing a jig.  

Anyway, the boy is also quite sweet.  Speech therapy has been going on for about a month now, and though he loves the goyles who play with him, he is, uh, not talking yet.  He's keeping busy in other ways, though.  

Top Five Most Awesome Things Kurt Does Right Now

1.  He helps Jeff make a fire.  (Separate post about me relenting and letting Jeff play with fire is yet to come.)  Jeff crumples up the paper and hands it to Kurt.  Kurt throws it into the stove giddily.  Kurt hands Jeff pieces of firewood.  Kurt fetches the metal box full of matches and then makes a little gesture like striking a match.  Kurt watches the resulting fire with breathless awe.

2.  Kurt has fallen in love with ducks and all duck related things.  He loves to look at ducks at the park, chase ducks and feed ducks, both the real and rubber variety.  He gets crazy excited when they do anything, like…swim. And….fly.  And…eat.  

3.  Kurt wants to, and is trying desperately, to jump.  He can almost get both his feet off the ground in a coordinated movement.  But it requires him to put his arms waaay up over his head.

4.  He has started to point at things, in a hey-this-is-kinda-cool gesture.  I know, I know, your kid has been pointing at things since they were twelve seconds out of the womb, but for Kurt, this is big.  Sometimes he has to look at his hand and concentrate on making a pointy finger first, which, in itself, is pretty adorable.

5.  When you sing the rubber ducky song, he tries to quack along.  It comes out "Quaaaah-quaaaah" really slow.  Never fails to kill me.

8 thoughts on “Joy, Fun, And Seasons In The Whatever”

  1. Great post – you captured the essence of Kurt, like only a mother can. Your readers will love to hear more about Kurt and Jeffrey building a fire. It IS indeed adorable! Hope Aunt Kimberly sees the Howard-Hughes-third-grandchild-purple-robe photo πŸ™‚


  2. P.S. The memory of you working nights while you were pregnant with Kurt was a constant source of shame for me while I was pregnant.


  3. Wonderful pictures! Your just a lttle older in this pregnancy, you will be okay, its only for a couple of months! You can do it, I wish me and Charlie could come and see you right now…I mean it. Going for some real English Tea cool, thats a great picture of Kurt and his grandparents….Mom will be okay too….love you..anne b


  4. Loved the pictures! Kurt always seems so Happy-oh, I guess I missed the deranged monkey picture (very scary! Aunt Kimberly has to love that her nephew is a duck kid.I totally understand the thrill of his progress. Levi is doing so much better since he has a speech therapist and Leah is just starting to walk behind her push toys. Oh well! Brillance comes slowly.


  5. Jayne all that less energy comes with the second pregnancy when you have a TWO YEAR OLD! Don’t you remember how I was – you babysat what were you 9-10? It gets much better after the new one comes along- you’ll be awake because you’re much busier!! Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll crave work in just a few short months but if you can stay with the kids, well let’s just say I’m jealious. Kurt is such a cool kid can’t wait to mean Elsie (did you know Elsie was the cow on Borden milk cartons?)…. We’ll all be happy if this child comes with any name.


  6. You have to remember the first time you were pregnant you were childless. You could take naps and long baths, play on the internet and NO ONE would hang on you. There was no screaming child at 3 am who demanded cookies. You could be slow and enjoy the quiet. I do and I don’t miss those days. The days where I could eat a meal while it was still hot. There was no one screaming that her brother TOUCHED HER….God forbid. The days without the crazy giggles and slobbery kisses.
    Kudos to you for being pregnant with a toddler! I get tired just thinking of that scenario.
    As my husband said “I don’t remember the last time I didn’t feel tired”


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