When Giant Bunnies Attack

We're off to Tacoma tomorrow for Easter weekend.  I've not been so hot at the posting from other lands lately, so I leave you with this picture of Kurt and the Easter Bunny, who stopped by Victoria this week, in case I don't get to it while we're there.


IMG_0001 - Copy

No, he did not smile.  He was being held against his will by a giant bunny, so really what was there to smile about?  I think he held it together better than I did at his age (see above).  

4 thoughts on “When Giant Bunnies Attack”

  1. Jayne, I remeber that day! You didn’t know what to think of that big rabbit! You and Kurt sure look alike too, (Jeff is in the mix there too)…Happy Easter, thanbks for the pictures..love ya…anne b


  2. I remember being at Arden for that picture, you didn’t like that bunny too well either – until they gave you a treat, as I remember you went to McDonalds right after. Happy Easter up there-treats are coming.


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