Cue The Rocky Music

I worry about being a good mom.  Jeff worries about being a good dad.  Kurt is blissfully, maddeningly secure about holding up his end as an offspring.  He thinks all he needs to do his snuggle up to me or hug my feet when I'm wearing penguin slippers and a whole day's worth of transgressions will be forgotten.  (No comment.)

He also remains entirely content to babble ("Aggle Flaggle Klabble!")  instead of trying to talk to us in English.  We took him to a new speech pathologist on Monday, and I am pleased to tell you that no toys fell on his head during the entire time.  In fact, our previous visit to a speech pathologist probably did us a huge favor by dramatically lowering our expectations of speech pathologists in general, because Joanna seems like a rocket scientist by comparison, and we started regular therapy today.  It went well.

In fact, the kid had a great week.  He made it through a swim class!  With smiles!  He made through a circle time at the rec center!  When I say "made it through," I mean that instead of wailing and beating his head and chest when the other toddlers and parents sang and clapped, he merely stared with mouth agape, and a couple of times, laid himself down quietly on the gym floor to breathe deeply.  Yes, people, this is progress.  He is, at this moment, sitting pleasantly in his high chair, giggling madly while Jeff pretends to eat his feet.

Hey, remember how I'm pregnant?  I forget sometimes.  But I still am, and almost 26 weeks, in fact.  I feel somehow less prepared this time.  Possibly this is related to the distinct lack of ritualistic preparation that comes with a second child; no childbirth classes, no large scale buying of supplies and no concentrated wondering about what kind of parent I'm going to be.  For better or worse, I guess I basically have what I need and know more or less what I'm going to know.

 I did get a new hiking backpack!  For mommies who like to walk and little boys who always want to be carried.


Yes, I'm getting fat.  The baby fetus is a contributing factor.  So is the Nutella.

4 thoughts on “Cue The Rocky Music”

  1. Yay for backpacks! And babies! And Nutella! 🙂
    Glad you have had a good experience with a speech therapist after the last not great experience!


  2. Wonderful pictures! Jayne you look good and healthy! Kurt looks like he is progressing well, I took speech classes too! There’s a friend at work named Hilary who is 16 weeks pregnant, she is alot like you Jayne and I keep her abreast what is going on with you. Your hair looks good long. Hope Jeff is good too. Give my love to Kurt, Jeff and yourself!…love ya…anne b


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