Welcome to jaynespace, now with more purple!


Welcome to the new and, if not improved, certainly more expensive blog.  Hopefully, it will make me cry less than blogger.

Kurt says hi and thanks you for joining us.  Well, Kurt says, "Geh-ddy-dah-whaaaa!"  So, I'm paraphrasing.

He's been taking it easy this last week since everyone left.  I put a stepping stool in our bathroom to encourage him to be more independent about washing his hands and brushing his teeth, and it worked.  He now goes in there to brush his teeth approximately twenty eight times a day, using all of our toothbrushes.

But mine is his favorite.

In other news, happy birthday Good Uncle Paul!  Please check your facebook.


9 thoughts on “Welcome to jaynespace, now with more purple!”

  1. The look is nice. But, the messages are our favorite. Please keep them coming. We love reading them 🙂


  2. It’s pretty. In case you care (and have control over this kind of thing), I miss the way that I could look at an expanded list of post titles. Also, the link about subscribing to the feed is mocking me! …Both are things I can live with, though (in case you were worried about that 🙂 )


  3. Awww!!!! Like your blog very much. Adore that picture of Kurt. He’ sooo Tetloff. Reminds me of all of you kids when you were little. Somehow you all looked the same when you were little even if you grew up each with a different look.
    I remember, soon after your folks moved to Florida. I walked by your Remington St. house. I was wheeling son, Joe, in his stroller and a neighbor said, “My goodness, he looks like he belongs to your sister. Missing her so much, I burst into tears and hurried off leaving the puzzled woman behind.
    Keep it up. In the immortal words of the Terminator, I’ll be ba-a-ck!!!!


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