The Big Victoria Chill

First of all, thank heaven Canada beat the Americans in women's hockey. At least it's something, even if Canada doesn't get the gold in men's hockey. I say this not out of loyalty to my new country of residence, but out of relief that I won't have to face my prenatal yoga class next week as the lone American amongst a group of hostile, bitter, pregnant Canadian women, unlike, say, last week.

But that's not what I sat down to write about! Danielle, Max, Sylvia and Joel braved many airplanes and customs to come visit us for an inexplicably sunny week, and it was truly just wonderful. This has got to be a record for us, both in terms of number of guests housed under our roof at once and length of stay, and while I would have bet money that we'd feel nothing but a sense of relief on the day that everyone was gone, we instead felt sad and lonely and the house seemed very empty. Seriously, that's how great the week was. Danielle took 1400 pictures (no doubt you think I jest, but I assure you I do not) and I took many less, and here are some of the highlights, in broad categories…

Action Oriented

This trip was not so much about the sight seeing as it was the hanging, but between the kids' naps we did manage to get out of the house for an average of one daily outing, including to the parliament building.

Like Kurt before her, Sylvia is a very advanced menu reader.

Kurt atop Mt. Doug, where it is COLD, people!

"Look, my child! A fish! Are you not enchanted?" (He was not.)

Happy Togetherness

For reasons still unknown, about forty five minutes before Joel's plane was supposed to arrive, when I was taking a shower and enjoying my thoroughly, washed, mopped and laundered house, Kurt puked mightily all over the living room, himself, and Bunny, the first real puking since the Great Tummy Bug of December 2008. I figured he was sick, and thus would be the harbinger of doom for the week, but it turned out to be a one time thing, and a mere hour or two later, he was perched on Joel's lap, eating Joel's muffin, as if he owned both.

Miscellaneous Awesomeness

It made for one happy boy, all this company.

I tried to find a definitive Kurt and Sylvia picture, but there wasn't really one. You'll have to take my word for it that it was all extremely precious. It's not as if Kurt didn't have the occasional moment of Has anyone noticed that this kid is playing with my toys? Or Has anyone noticed that this kid is playing with my PARENTS??? But for all that, he held her hand, and tried to hug her, and gave her his special patented brand of forehead/nose kisses, and played peekaboo with her and even handed her Bunny a few times, which is nothing short of momentous. It gave me hope that he will actually enjoy the company of his soon to be sister as well as hope that he and Sylvia will keep liking each other every time they meet.

And almost more importantly, amidst all the card playing, TV watching and general hanging around and talking, I was reassured that grown up friendships withstand long distances and big changes. Hooray!

6 thoughts on “The Big Victoria Chill”

  1. Adorable pictures 🙂 I hadnt taken sides in the Canadian/US rivalries in the Olympics, but Ill root for the northern neighbors, for your continued peaceful yoga-ness.


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