The Girl Fetus And Some Random Pictures

Waiting for the amnio results was taking up basically every spare moment I had by Tuesday. On Wednesday afternoon I was exhausted and took a nap with Kurt, so of course that's when the OB called and left a message, saying everything had come back normal. Elated, I called Jeff, then called the OB back and talked to his receptionist, who had a coy, I-know-something-you-don't-know air about her. I was starting to get irritated, and I think she could tell, when she handed me over to the doctor, who said, "I know some people want to be surprised when it comes to knowing the girl or boy parts.."

To which I responded, "Oh my God, TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME!!!!"

And he had a good chuckle before giving it up that there's a girl baby swimming around in my uterus right now. I proceeded to cry like a woman.

(I really hope Kurt and this chick get along. They don't have to go on Amazing Race together. They just have to be nice to each other.)

So, whew, that was a load off. Until Tuesday I had myself pretty well convinced I was not stressed about it, but of course I can lie to myself with the best of them.

I uploaded a couple week's worth of pictures from the camera, and thought I'd hit you with the highlights of the doings of the Kurtopus. The very Kurtopus who, by the way, went to a different pool with Jeff today than our usual pool, and did NOT have a sobbing fit of despair. Which begs the question: does he hate the usual pool, or does he sense I'm a rotten swimmer and thus of minimal help if he gets into trouble? We shall investigate further later this week.

Early this month we visited Craigdarroch Castle, which is picturesque, like so:

(Didja notice? Blogger is letting me post links again! It was killing my soul, I tell you!) Anyway, I thought it was kinda neat, but Jeff was unimpressed, and insisted on repeatedly saying things like, "Yes, yes, it's a very nice large HOUSE!" I think in the end we compromised and started referring to it as a mansion. Of course, we didn't get much of a look at it on the inside because Kurt in a Victorian mansion, not so much.

Luckily, there were nearby waterfowl to pursue.

This is his stationary bike/video bike game that he can't quite reach both of the pedals of, but enjoys sitting on it and turning it on and off.

I neglected to tell you of the triumphant return of Stinky Bunny (mostly referred to here as simply Bunny), who was left in our hotel in San Francisco and had a week of adventure doing heaven knows what before he turned up again at the hotel. The hotel graciously shipped Bunny up to us here, freshly laundered, and Kurt and Bunny have recommenced their intense, complicated friendship.

Did I say a while back that Kurt was growing out of his peekaboo phase? He's grown back into it.

Always a fan of music, here he is playing his bathtime xylophone. He splits his times with this particular toy playing it and trying to flush it down the toilet.

I dug my old toy piano out of the garage, one of the few toys I have left from my childhood. Kurt can be regularly heard making atonal, Stravinsky-esque compositions on it.

Jeff warned me the other day of a disturbing sight on Kurt's floor involving his Little People airplane. I went in, and all I can say is, yes, disturbing it was. The airplane clearly had some problems over the mountains, but I cleaned up the mess before there was any cannibalism.

5 thoughts on “The Girl Fetus And Some Random Pictures”

  1. Omg, we had the same Little People plane wreck on the same Ikea rug yesterday! Only I discovered it by tripping on it, while all it could do was play its chirpy song. Congratulations on the girl! Soon, youll have a matched set 🙂


  2. beautiful pictures! Kurt sure is photogenic as are you and Jeff too, not like the rest of us….but congratulations we are happy and excited for you!…yaycant wait to get my passport!…love ya …anne b


  3. When Marty visits (whenever that happens to be)he will love the castle.Congrats on the baby girl. Any thoughts of names yet?How is Jeff feeling about his duties at the college?


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