Kurt And The Not So Secret Garden

Being a bit bereft of inspiration these days, what with the lack of sun, here is a post laden with pictures instead of text.

Kurt's birthday was a vast improvement over last year's birthday. He was not the least bit feverish, for instance. Our big outing of the day was to Butchart Gardens, but the little bistro down the street made an appearance at breakfast and of course we took him to McDonald's for dinner, because it's basically his favorite restaurant.

He regarded the cupcake with disdain in favor of ice cream, so we tragically had to eat his cupcake for him.

We were very glad to have the Grandparents Niehaus with us for a long weekend. They watched him open his Christmas and birthday presents (and play with them!), they chased him around and teased him and generally had a lovely time with him.

His expressions are changing a little. Notice the little smile (Grandma Marlo calls it a smirk) and the plaintive, serious look, like so:

This picture makes it look as though Kurt is running in fear from Grandpa, but in fact he was running back and forth between them in a rousing game of "Here Comes Kurt There Goes Kurt."

Socialization tires a little guy out at the end of a day.

3 thoughts on “Kurt And The Not So Secret Garden”

  1. i know a certain mom whose favorite place to eat was mcdonalds…to the point that we had to find creative ways to sneak past the golden arches or we were in trouble!!! glad to see the tradition continues. love janet


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