Hola, amigos! We spent the Christmas weekend in the greater Tacoma/Seattle area with my mom, brothers and sundry. It turned out to be a pretty decent weekend. On Christmas morning we woke up on the eighteenth floor of the Murano Hotel and had a leisurely room service breakfast before heading over to my mom's house. We were not obscenely flush with presents, but we were slow, so it took us all day to open them. I think we were still going at eight that night.

Since Kurt is still pretty oblivious to the holiday thing, we basically got him three gifts: bath toys that we'd accidentally left in Victoria, a replacement music box toy for one we lost in the move that Jeff labelled as being "from Daddy," and a Little People airplane, which Jeff labelled as being "from Mommy."

All of which prompted me to ask Jeff, "What did Kurt get from Santa?" To which Jeff responded, "Nothing. He was bad."

Fortunately, other people were good enough to label their gifts as being from Santa, so Kurt knows Santa didn't skip him. A kid could get a complex about that sort of thing if you're not careful.

Anyway, here are pictures of the boy. Pensive on the ferry to Washington:

Joyous while being thrown in the air by Daddy:

Kinetic at Marty and Stephanie's house:

And decidedly not kinetic in my mom's bed, to which he formed a strange attachment during our time there, regularly passing out for hours at a time:

A moment of happiness with Mom before he decided that being held is torture:

Being Marty's puppet:

Making a thorough inspection of Stephanie's nose:

Speaking of nose:

Have I sung the praises of iPhones as toddler amusement devices loud enough? He's getting better and better at opening up his favorite apps:

On Sunday we went to Marc and Amy's and had a great time as always. Kurt played with the girls, whom of course he adored, and two Boston Terriers named Truman and Peggy Sue who alternately fascinated and terrified him.

We headed home Monday morning, and went through immigration, AGAIN, where we explained what happened the last time we went through immigration. (It's a long story that ends with Kurt and I becoming undocumented immigrants because a border officer wanted to go to lunch.) They fixed us up and I am now officially not a pregnant, uninsured illegal alien. Dare to dream, baby.
I leave you with this 40 second video Jeff wearing his present from Lisa and Kevin. Happy Holidays!

5 thoughts on “Scrooged”

  1. Jeff – really I always try to get you something that you cant interpret without thinking of psychological defect but I think Ive made things worse. Actually I thought Kurt would like seeing you in it. Niehaus Kmart had them on clearence! Ill keep my eyes out for you…. Lisa


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