the Canadian Saga

Canada May Be Trying To Kill Me

You may be wondering how we're doing. Well, my people, it's cold. I know. You all tried to warn me about this. It's about 24-ish degrees, and the news says it will warm up to freezing tomorrow. Of course, the news here gives all the temps in Celsius, so it adds a sense of hilarity when they say it will warm up to "zero degrees by midday."

To be fair, I'm aware that this is not the coldest place on the planet by a long shot. And apparently, this is rather unusually cold. According to the news, the cold temperatures are correlating with the fact that it's been sunny every day since we arrived. By next week, it should start to get warmer, and thus start to rain.

I don't want to dwell on this. But telling you how we're doing without mentioning that we're freezing our asses off seems dishonest. Now we can move on.

I hate unpacking. Our stuff came on Saturday (I have nothing but good things to say about United), and is nearly unpacked at this point, due mostly to Jeff, who is a machine. I've probably unpacked one box for every three he's done. The house is starting to feel like home.
Here is an initial impression of our new home…

Tim Hortons: I like it, especially the donuts. Jeff thinks the coffee is just okay, but I find it as palatable as Starbucks.

TV: Well, it's The Comedy Network instead of Comedy Central, and there's some weird Canadian shows on there in addition to the regular stuff. But it's workable.

The money: It's cute, especially the fives, which have hockey players on them.

The people: So far, lovely. Sometimes, they really do say "eh."

The latitude change: Boo! The sun is going down at four and does not fully rise until about eight. And it feels like late afternoon all day.

Meanwhile, thanks to the border officer we got on our arrival, Kurt and I are five and half months from being illegal aliens. We need to fix this, and we've got solid information on how to do it. The guy we got in the immigration office that day apparently wasn't terribly familiar with immigration, as it turns out. Go figure.

We haven't been terribly adventurous since we've been here, but we did visit Swan Lake Park, which has a lake, for, um, swans. Kurt ran ahead of us along the trail the whole way.

Jeff came home with a Canada hockey jersey the other day, and I admit, the kid looks pretty good in it. Here he is watching the laundry spin, which is apparently the most fascinating thing ever.

Although we do not live in what I would consider to be a rural area, Jeff took this picture of frolicking deer in our backyard in the middle of the afternoon today.

And, finally, this is a shout out for Max, who crocheted this hat for me two years ago when he was making Kurt a blanket and found himself with leftover yarn. Of course, I had no need for a furry hat in Santa Barbara. But look, Max! I'm wearing it now!

3 thoughts on “Canada May Be Trying To Kill Me”

  1. Thank you for the newsy entry. We arent sure if we should wish for warmer weather for you – since that may mean you will be wet most of the time 🙂 Keep the blogs coming, we love them!


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