Disneykurt, Part Deux

My last night of work was Thursday. Every so often it hits me that I'm unemployed and I feel just the teensiest bit of panic. And to think I was once a hedonist.

The nurses gave me a great send off. Last Tuesday they took me out to breakfast and showered me with attention. Then, on Thursday night they gave me the cushiest job in the place (no patients, just sitting at the desk), and brought all manner of food….meat, pasta, cakes, cookies, salads, veggie trays. It was huge, yummy, and deeply unhealthy. My favorite part was the ice cream cake.

I thought everyone would be really disappointed when I didn't cry, since I felt so curiously unemotional driving in that last night, but it turns out I didn't need to worry, since I was crying forty five minutes after I walked in the place.

And now, well, it still feels like I'm on a long weekend. Except that I have no health insurance.

Anyway, on Friday afternoon after perhaps an hour and a half of sleep, we piled into the car (Jeff did the packing) and headed down to Disneyland for a three day stretch with our friends the Majewskis of Chicago, who made all the arrangements, bless them. They have two kids now, four years old and nineteen months, and gone are the days when they entreated us to stay up late in the night to par-tay. This trip, as a group, we were out cold by ten pm. It was lovely to see them and their two sprouting buds of Majewskiness, but I'll get to that in a second. You may recall that we took Kurt to Disneyland about this time last year, with largely positive results. This year it was different. Too many people, too much noise, and the indoor rides all seemed to be too much for him. He needed a pacifier 24/7 and at one point he was grasping his blanket like the world was going up in flames.

There was a lot of this, for instance:

Here is a picture that will not be appearing on our Christmas card this year:

But by the end of day one, he was starting to calm down. Outdoor rides agreed with him. On Dumbo, for instance, he just looked vaguely worried…

What he really enjoyed, of course, were the areas where he was able to roam free. Thank heaven for Goofy's Playhouse:

Look, he's smiling here!

This was our first time stopping in the California Adventure Park, the ugly stepsister to Disneyland's beautiful princess, so to speak. As a concept, Jeff summed it up best: "The theme is a state? Laaame!" But I must say, it was shadier, less crowded, had way better food, had beer (always helps), and had more things for toddlers to do.

There was even a wheel, courtesy of the S.S. Rustworthy (I think it was called that. It's the fire boat.)

Here's a picture of Kurt, Matt and Abby. Kurt didn't notice Abby much (his loss; she's adorable), but he had no end of smiles for Matt:

Kurt and Juice:

And here's Kurt helping himself to my salad on the trip home. Notice the lettuce leaf he flicked onto his forehead. Of course, he would never actually eat salad. He just likes playing with it.

Here's the skinny on Canada: we're ready and we leave a week from today. We keep making the rounds and saying goodbyes, but we probably missed some people, and if you're one of them, we're sorry!

3 thoughts on “Disneykurt, Part Deux”

  1. The lettuce is priceless…keep that one for the future girlfriends. Best of luck with the move. Its such a change, but want an adventure! Well be thinking of you!


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