Does this qualify as child abuse?
Other than a brief couple of periods of tragic wailing secondary to 1) Kurt not watching where he was going and 2) Kurt sticking his fingers close to a turkey's beak, our first trip to the pumpkin patch was a triumph.

6 thoughts on “Shameless”

  1. OH MY GOSH – we want to kiss, kiss, kiss that happy pumpkin face. Kurt and Sylvia look quite pleased to be among their pumpkin cousins 🙂 Thank you for the much needed and well-timed smile!


  2. TOO CUTE! I didnt even see Sylvia at first – she totally blended in with the pumpkins! Looks like you guys had a good time. I recently took Jake and Elise to a bird farm here in Redlands. Those turkeys are vicious! We had some corn to feed them, but they were fighting so much trying to get close to Elise I was too scared to let her try to feed them. After a couple of failed attempts and close calls with his fingers and thrashing turkey beaks, Jake gave up and ended up throwing the corn through the fence. It turned into quite a turkey brawl, which thrilled the hell out of Elise. Oh yeah, then there the goats who as soon as we got close – me holding Elises hand out flat with some of the corn to feed them, totally sneezed and blew nasty, muddy snot all over us. Elise then had a nice squawking contest with a couple of HUGE macaws (I swear they could have carried her off!), which Jake and I found quite entertaining. Anyway, your turkey beak comment reminded me of our bird farm trip, so I thought Id share.


  3. Happy thanksgiving (in Canada) for the future keep this date in mind – maybe we could air save air fair in getting there during our non-holiday. Cute pics of the kids! Hes gonna get you for all those crazy outfits. Try to get well!Thanks for blogging! Lisa


  4. Could be borderline, but the cuteness factor far outweighs it! Darling picture…we didnt have similar luck on our recent trip. It was about 30 degrees. 🙂


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