Apples To Apples

We spent the day in San Diego today, and had a great time hanging out with Jeff's college friend Gerritt, who's like, an actor, who's like, been in stuff, but is not yet famous. Here are a number of things I failed to take a picture of: Kurt utterly ignoring the goats at the San Diego Zoo petting area in favor of a tree, Kurt ignoring Gerritt's adorable nine month old son Cooper in favor of Cooper's mother, whom Kurt not only giggled at but sweetly gave toys to (Kurt may think he and Carol Anne are going steady now, I'm not sure…) and Kurt climbing to the top of play structures and freaking out when he couldn't get down.

However, I will leave you with a montage of Kurt devouring an apple. I must emphasize that the child does not actually eat apples, but a more enthusiastic mulcher of apples has never been. If you're in desperate need of someone to chew up all your apples and then spit them out in random corners of your house to find later, please let us know. We have your man.

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