Lost In Space

Hey! I know I haven't been blogging much, due largely to a lack of
news, and partly to a lack of energy. Also, there is a distinct lack
of access to my laptop because of a certain small person in this house
who thinks it's a fascinating object that he must immediately
investigate/close/unplug the moment he notices it's fired up. Even the
desktop is not safe. Kurt's new hobby is putting things into other
things and I have found the wireless mouse all over the house,
including the kitchen sink.

But I don't wish to bad mouth him. He's currently asleep next to me as
I type this on my phone, and I can attest that he's still adorable.
Stay tuned, and we will shortly get back to our regularly scheduled

1 thought on “Lost In Space”

  1. He is so sweet you cant really get mad at him, he sounds very smart..being so curious of everything. thanks for the cute picture of him in the pool, it is very sweet! love ya, were all hooked on the blog…The days of Jaynes life!…love ya….anne b


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