In Which Jeff Gets All Respectable

As usual, my pledge to post more pictures "tomorrow night" translated to "some time in the next week." Nevertheless, here they are.

Jeff's parents came out for the weekend to see their baby become their baby with a doctorate.

We also had a special guest appearance from Poco Irv, who can play Peekaboo with the best of them.

Max and Danielle threw a wonderful BBQ for not just us, but us and Joel and Joel's family. Here everyone (except Joel) is picturesquely looking to the right for some reason


Kurt in a city park means Kurt is so excited he must run away as fast as he can, flapping his arms and laughing as he does so. So everyone took a turn dragging him back kicking and screaming. Even Joel's Mom, Elaine, spent quality time keeping Kurt from wandering into traffic, which was very much appreciated. Plus, he really seemed to like her. But of course the grandparents bore the brunt of Kurt duty.

There were also wheels, thank heaven.

Getting ready for the graduation in this picture. We all look sort of solemn, except for Kurt, who thinks the velvet on Jeff's robes is cool.

That hazy duo in the middle is Tamsin hooding Jeff….

Joel got an extra stripe because he was awarded (Jeff's words) The Joel Thurston Award For Supreme Awesomeness. I believe it was a university award that involved the words "distinction" and "service," which makes me wonder how he's had time to do all this stuff and still play cards with us.

Jeff and Poco

Me feeling crazy proud

Jeff raising a glass to, well, himself, and rightly so, at the post ceremony festivities.

And did I mention that all of this occurred on Jeff's 35th birthday, no less?? Here he is, in his hood and birthday hat.

Tomorrow we're going to New York for a week to celebrate Jeff's parents' fortieth anniversary. Should be pretty cool, though I have spent the usual amount of time (which is to say too much) agonizing about what shoes to bring. I honestly think I can't possibly go with any less than four pairs, and really, I'll need more like five or six to feel truly covered. Jeff is working with me on this.

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