Hating Blogger From Tacoma

Plenty of stuff happening with us-some of it even blogworthy, but the day is short and Blogger torments me. Plus, my energy seems to be ebbing with the June gloom.

But to begin with, we are in Tacoma! Today we went to the Tacoma Nature Center. The last time I went to this place, it was with my dad, and we had a great day. You can read about it here.

I don't know how many more ways I can express my loathing for Blogger these days. I may have reached the limits of prose, so, in the future, don't be surprised to find a limerick, or even a sonnet on this page devoted to the cause. Also coming soon: meeting my brother's grandchildren, Kurt's developmental milestones, and lack thereof, and my ongoing delight that Mt. Rainer continues to not erupt.

3 thoughts on “Hating Blogger From Tacoma”

  1. Being able to slightly identify with what you are going through – due to our dinosaur computer – you certainly have our wholehearty sympathies YET ….. we BEG you to continue to work through the pain and share as much as you can! We enjoy not only your information, but most especially your wit and writing style 🙂 Hellos to the Tacoma Tetloffs. Hugs and love to the three of you!


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