Happy Mother ‘ s Day

I have a great mom and a great mother in law. I also have four sisters who are great moms, including my sister Annie, who technically never had any children, but was an excellent first lieutenant mom for me and my nephew.

Of course, I have a greater appreciation of how hard the job is now. It's a constant battle to stay organized and optimistic, and I only have one kid, for pete's sake. Plus I have the assistance of a attentive partner. I don't know what possessed my mom to have ten kids, but all I can say now is Wow. That must have been really hard.

This is my favorite picture of my mom and me. I put it up on the very first entry of this very blog (which turned three years old yesterday), but for some reason when we went to the new template, the picture got cut in half.

5 thoughts on “Happy Mother ‘ s Day”

  1. Thanks Jayne, I have regrets not having children, but you gave me great joy when I was being a mom substitute. That is such a nice picture of you and mom, its a good way to always remeber her! Happy Mothers day to you, you make a wonderful mom, love ya…anne


  2. Thank you for 3 years of blogging. We don’t know what we’d do without your great reviews of life in Jaynespace 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day. Kurt is one intelligent little guy – he chose a fantastic, superduper, loving, cuddling, kissing mommy. He has the best mommy a one year old could have. Way-to-go Kurt!


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