Eagerly Awaiting Sprog

The Grandparents came and went, and their presence has somehow turned the tide against what was kind of a depressing spring. The only other real ray of extra bright happy light this spring has been courtesy of Danielle's womb. So, last Sunday, we had a fetus party, in the same place where they threw my fetus party.

I've never thrown a baby shower before, so I'm in no position to judge how well it went, but people seemed to be having a good time. And the cake was yummy! (Sprog is their fetus name, by the way. Genius, yes?)
The guests of honor did indeed get much needed loot from the attendees, who came from as far as San Diego…….and in the case of the beautiful Elsa, New Mexico!! Joel, by the way, is the one responsible for the Thing T-shirts. He's okay, that Joel.It turned out to be a glorious thing to have Bob and Marlo out for the shower, because they helped. A lot. Social engagements are really their thing. Far more than it is our thing. As I've said before, Marlo pretty much single handedly planned my wedding, so a baby shower is small potatoes. (By the way, this may be the only photo I got of her THE ENTIRE TRIP. That's right, I utterly failed to get a photograph of her and her grandchild. Arrrggghhh!) Anyway, in the middle of opening presents, Kurt, who had been napping up to this point, toddled in, said to himself, "Hey, cool, Uncle Max!" and immediately went to the center of the activity to sit on Max's lap.Kurt refused to be a party to adorable pictures with the other toddlers, despite Jessica's cajoling.But for some reason, he decided to try to steal Jake's monkey backpack, and failed. Because Jake may be shorter, but he's a tank. And crafty, being the only child in the room who managed to get his diaper off without removing his clothing.Here we are in Thing formation, for those you not on Facebook regularly…

So, anyway, now all we need is Sprog!

3 thoughts on “Eagerly Awaiting Sprog”

  1. Marlo is fantastic! And the queen of giving shower. I am so thrilled You’re special friend is “with child”. Of course I think the thing 1 etc. is the cutiest.Love ya allAunt JO


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