One Step At A Time, Literally

Jeff's parents are here, which is always nice. They come, they feed us too much good stuff, and they obligingly allow their time to be hijacked by their grandchild. Today, for instance, they were treated to the fun of watching Kurt push his shopping cart around the complex for a good half hour, punctuated by his attempts to climb stairs and escape into the parking lot. No complaints.

I don't love anything as much as Kurt loves stairs. Here he is climbing the awesome stairs at Paseo Nuevo tonight, while we waited for a table at CPK:

A deeper person would find a metaphor here, but you've got me.

2 thoughts on “One Step At A Time, Literally”

  1. Stairways to the stars. Kurt will be an astronaut or astronomer. He might be an architect building light houses with lots of stairs or a construction working who loves heights.


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