Yay And Nay

So, as I've indicated in the past, I am a chicken, and so far all signs point to Kurt following in my clucky footsteps. Our trip to the pool in Vegas last fall was one of mixed success, so Kurt and I went to his first "swimming" class last Friday with pretty low expectations on my part. As we got ready in the waiting area, I could already hear wailing babies in the pool, and I thought to myself, Well, at least we won't be the only ones…

Imagine my surprise when Kurt not only did not wail, but did not, in fact, shed tears of any kind. Instead, he smiled, kicked his feet, obligingly allowed his face to submerged, splashed absolutely every person in the pool with his flappy arms, and in general enjoyed the hell out of himself.

Hmmm, I thought, fluke. Let's see what happens next week.

But class number two was also a complete triumph. The kid loves it. I'm sure it helps that it's an indoor pool heated to over ninety degrees. But I gotta say, there were kids in the pool crying, holding on to their parents for dear life with a look of holy terror upon their chubby little faces, and Kurt was not one of them. He was the jubilant one having a marvellous time. Go figure.

Small New England Liberal Arts College told Jeff nay, shattering my dreams of becoming a no-nonsense practical New Englander. This was not a long held dream, of course. In fact, it was a dream that came into being a few weeks ago, when Jeff had the interview. But it was fun while it lasted. We haven't heard anything from Small Midwestern Liberal Arts College or Large Canadian University, but as the weeks go on, well, we're assuming the worst at this point. I'm sad, because I want Jeff to have a job. But I'm happy, because I don't want to leave the ocean. So, I'm conflicted.

Obligatory cute boy pictures, not hard to come up with…

Sitting on the arm of the couch as if it's the most natural thing in the world

Letting it all hang out at the Kraxaws'

Edited for content, as always

2 thoughts on “Yay And Nay”

  1. Way to go Kurt – another Niehaus Polliwog! Oh-My-Gosh, the couch picture is so darn cute – we could just hug the computer screen! Having grandchildren so far away is pure torture 🙂


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