A Rather Solemn Post, While Watching Jeff Do Our Taxes

Jeff came home from Small New England Liberal Arts College on Thursday, and not a moment too soon. Single parenthood? Not my first choice. Don't get me wrong. Spending large swaths of time with the boy is generally easy. Doing just the basics- the eating, napping, walking, bathing, reading, playing- a day is gone before I know it. But then it's nine at night, and the little tasks of the rest of my life-vacuuming, shopping, reading books without pictures, returning e-mails, checking on my mom, plucking my eyebrows, blogging, etc.- none of that has been done. At nine-thirty, I find myself yawning and stretching, and thinking how pooped I am and that it might be just the thing to lie down for just a teensy while, and then…(insert snoring sound here). By day three of this, nothing non-baby related has been accomplished. I am unplucked, unblogged, non-communicative, and sitting in a filthy house with no grown up food.

I had more friend time this past week than the previous week, and I needed it more, apparently. Kurt and I went out to lunch (and surprise cocktail!) with Denise and Suzzette on Monday, where Kurt was amused and adored and in return was soooo deeply charming and unfussy, and soooo unlike what he would be the rest of the week. (Incidentally, we were at the Beachside, and he loved looking out at the ocean through the windows. This gave me strange hope that maybe he likes the ocean now? So today we went back to the beach, and once again, as we approached the shoreline and heard the crash of the waves, the little body wiggled in distress and the little fingers dug deeper into my arm. Kurt Niehaus, not a beach baby.)

Anyway, Max and Danielle, besides graciously and fabulously keeping Kurt overnight one night so I could go to work, also saw me probably more than they needed or wanted, long after I had anything interesting to say to them or to anyone else, because I grew a tad desperate for grown up company in this week two of Jeff's travels. At least it afforded Danielle the opportunity to practice her Kurt photography skills:

And the job search? Well, I can't really blog that, for obvious reasons. Which presents us with a larger problem. The job search is what we think about and what we talk about. It is the thing we are doing, and all has been put hold until there is an outcome. In the next month we'll know that we will either be going or staying. Well, we've been in campus housing for almost seven years, and at the end of the summer we will be righteously kicked to the curb, so we will be going no matter what. But whither across town or across the country, that's what's making us pace and sigh, and worry. So forgive the sporadic blogging, and expect it for a little while longer, until our life starts back up again.

In the meantime, Kurt update:

The child is a recreational biped. A little walking here and there, rarely trying to get to anywhere in particular, and he has to be in the mood. When decent footage has been obtained, you will see it.

There is circumstantial evidence that he enjoys eggs. This is good news, because it means that the protein group now consists of three items, the other two being yogurt and hot dogs. Hot dogs are probably considered child abuse by most of this town, but it is the only meat he will eat.

Teeth…I don't even know know…Thirteen? Fourteen? So many teeth!!!!

He had one word, "Buh-bye," and he appears to have forgotten it. Trying to get him to say a word provokes hysterical laughter, as if you're telling him one joke after another.

Wow, I haven't bragged about this at all, but he seriously loves books. Loves to sit on people's laps and be read to, and loves to look at his books page by page on his own. I would like to say for the record that I don't believe this is even slightly a sign of anything. But people are always bragging about their kids' lame quirks as if it's a sign of impending genius, so here you go. To balance this, I will round out the list with…

He's a got a bad habit of going into a room, closing the door, realising he's all alone in the room, and starting to wail as if we've abandoned him. See? Genius!

3 thoughts on “A Rather Solemn Post, While Watching Jeff Do Our Taxes”

  1. Great update! Sounds like Kurt is handling all of the stress very well πŸ™‚ We heard he pushed his grocery cart all the way to the playground. Can’t wait to see photos of him with his cart. Can you get one big enough to have him push us? πŸ™‚


  2. Absolutely Fabulous Blog! Nice update on all. Don’t worry Jeff the right job will find you! Jayne can you believe our mother had that many kids?! Kev was like the perfect mom and cook/housecleaner, I could either take care of the kids and keep them happy or do everything else, not both. Kurt appreciates you being with him and doesn’t care about the “everything else” Lisa


  3. Glad to hear the boy has some good healthy teeth! Cute pictures, glad jeff is back home and looking forward to hear where you all will be moving, hope its close, love you guys…anne


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