Kurt and Jayne: On Our Own, Eating Too Much Chocolate

So, there's been a ton of stuff happening with us, but none of it terribly blogable, due to various circumstances.  Jeff was out of town about two weeks ago to go to his cousin's funeral.  I sat down a time or two to write something about it, but I really just can't do it.   

So the main thing you need to know is that Kurt and I are all alone for most of two weeks because our husband/daddy is out in the world trying to attain employment.  He came home from an interview at Small Midwestern Liberal Arts College late Tuesday and was already on the road ten hours later for a stop at Large Canadian University where it is colder than any human should be able to comprehend.  Next week he'll be gone to Small New England Liberal Arts College,  and then we'll see. And to all of the colleges in warm places who didn't call him for an interview, I just want to say that I hate you.  All of you.  Moving on.

The remarkable thing about the interview at Small Midwestern Liberal Arts College is that Jeff was there over two days without his luggage, thanks to Northwest (no need to code for privacy there!).  The airline managed to find it shortly before his flight home.  Sigh.

As usual, when Jeff leaves, a number of things become apparent.

1)  I don't know where our mailbox is.  A few weeks ago, he told me.  I managed to hold on to the information for about 3 hours.  It's gone again.  I know the general area, of course, but there are a lot of other mailboxes there too.  So if you've mailed something to me recently, I haven't gotten it.

2)  Kurt and I laugh a lot more when he's here.

3)  I am embarrassed by how few vegetables disappear from the fridge in his absence. 

4) I am not so handy around the house.

Case in point. We haven't been using Kurt's crib much.  After all the work of Ferberizing, he ended up back in our bed pretty fast owing mostly to the fact that our bed is big, and Kurt sleeps pretty well there.  Unfortunately he remains as impolite a sleeper as he ever was, and there is the occasional kicking, slapping, headbutting, etc.   Last week Jeff and I  fell asleep on the futon in Kurt's room and stayed there for a couple of hours while Kurt slept , by himself, in our king sized bed.  This struck me as nuts. My idea was that we might be using the crib more if it were in our room, so I undertook a project to move it in there, and quickly realized it wouldn't fit through the door.  I had to take it apart and reassemble it in our bedroom.  It took me from about three pm to ten thirty, with breaks, meals, alcohol, swearing, and some over the phone consulting.  But I am pleased to announced it is 95% re-assembled (and that last 5% is something I can live with…)  next to our bed and Kurt is currently asleep in it.  Kurt's bedroom which is significantly bigger than ours is rapidly becoming a chaotic closet a la our old apartment.

(A final word about the crib.  He may be tolerating it for the moment when it's pushed right up next to our bed, but I think the bottom line is that he's headed for a toddler bed pretty quick.  In the midst of my Quixotic crib quest, I put the crib's mattress down on floor of his room and he fell asleep there for his afternoon nap, no problem.  He only woke up when he rolled off of it, which you can understand, seeing as how he's used to sleeping in a king sized bed.  Long story short, he hates the crib.  I can respect that.  It's just horribly inconvenient. )

Kurt did take a few steps on his own in the living room tonight.  If I hadn't been looking right at that moment I would have missed it, which makes me wonder if he does it at other times.  Jeff will find out when he reads this blog, and no doubt it will be quite the "Cat's In The Cradle" moment, but seriously, Jeff spends more net waking hours with Kurt than I do  in a usual week.

Finally, because no blog post would be complete without a picture of the boy, I give you this:  Kurt, with Max, with a mouse on his head. And sucking on a pink pacifier, because Kurt is  secure in his manliness:

6 thoughts on “Kurt and Jayne: On Our Own, Eating Too Much Chocolate”

  1. Bet you’ll be pleased when Thursday comes and Daddy/husband is back. Can’t imagine Kurt in a toddler bed. But, it is cute that he likes his mattress ‘low’. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could solve this sleeping puzzle 🙂


  2. Dare we secretly hope for “small midwestern liberal arts college?” The winter does require a tad of adjustment, but for some reason spring just has a whole new level of appreciation. Best of luck with the job searching!! And, give Kurt a big hug from us!


  3. Hi GuysHow was your week being a single parent Jayne? Jeff we’re hoping you get Canada or PA, work in another part of the country will be a great adventure for you guys! Good luck. Lisa


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