Beware the Mighty Septopus

Hello, fair readers! There's been a lot going on with us lately, much of it good, some of it very, very bad. I'm hoping to get some time/inspiration to write about it this weekend, but for those of you holding out for a a Kurt update, here's a quickie:

1. Not walking. Close, but he's been close for like a month now. There's a distinct Niehaus tendency toward 14 month walkers, so I'm hoping for the next few weeks. I detest rushing the little man on principle, but it's been so rainy lately, and thus muddy, that it would just be so much easier and more sanitary to take him outside if he could travel on his feet instead of his hands and knees. And it's a killer on the pants. (Note to sisters, to whom I still owe communication: when did I walk? Anyone remember?)

2. Not much further development of language either. Good at repeating noises, but not so much words. He does do something sweet though. There's a song from Home Movies called "Septopus."(Like an octopus, only with seven tentacles. Are you with me?) We've modified the song to include his name and the refrain goes "Kurt-o-pus….aahhh-aahhhh.." (Yeah, I know, genius lyrics.) Anyway, pretty much on cue if you sing the first part of the refrain, he shyly adds the "aahh-aahhhh." Music seems entirely for him to be singing and not dancing. He won't dance, and doesn't react to my dancing. But he will stop whatever he's doing to pay attention when I sing.

And I have been wearing my penguin slippers a lot lately because they make him hug my feet.

3 thoughts on “Beware the Mighty Septopus”

  1. Ahh, that explains it! Having never seen that episode, I thought you were going for the Gerald Broflovski line from the South Park Hannukah song (Court-ney Cox, I love you, you’re so hot, on that show) which I guess has a similar melody. Thus the funny looks…


  2. I remember you crawling and climbing all over McDonalds playland when it first opened – and running all over Fairytale town but walking no…you talked very early though. I don’t believe you were ever put down until you were 2. I’m sure Kurt will when he’s ready that’s supposed to be a sign of great minds… Aunt Lisa


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