Kurt's milestones

Kurt is (officially) a year old!

And still snuffly, alas. He had his one year pediatrician appointment this morning, a year to the day that we brought him home from the hospital wondering how in the name of everything holy we were going to be able to keep him alive. Dr. Mehler reports that he is 20.8 pounds (thanks to the month's odyssey of travel and illness), 29.75 inches tall and has a head circumference of 46 cm. He is at 50th percentile or less for everything, so the little bean remains a little bean.

He refused to do his triumvirate of tricks for the doctor: clapping, being soooo big, and waving buh-bye while saying "buh-bye." (Kurt has a bit of a grudge against Dr. Mehler. I think it's the needles.) Two of these tricks he spontaneously started doing in the last ten days, as if someone flipped a switch. Development is freaky, no? The buh-bye thing by the way does not correlate in any way with anyone leaving. He's just does it sometimes for his own mysterious reasons. However, I feel it is progress.

Now that the boy is so very old, we shall wait to celebrate his milestones, so expect one of these pictures again in three or four months.

And I would be remiss if I did not say that the look of unsuppressed joy on my son's face in the picture above is the result of his daddy walking unexpectedly through the door. The boy is just seriously into Daddy.

3 thoughts on “Kurt is (officially) a year old!”

  1. My goodness! What a roller coaster you have all had…so glad that hear that Kurt got to celebrate even if it was a few days late. The light switch development…the strangest thing, I swear! All of sudden, Luke started crawling down the steps backwards today. I’d never even tried to show him that! Amazing stuff, these kids! We miss you all already! Happy Birthday, Kurt!


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