Christmas And Other Festivities

Was there snow? No. Was there puking? Yes. Was it nonetheless a great Christmas? Yes. Here's a billion pictures to demonstrate.

First, Kurt waving goodbye to California:

Kurt and Uncle Paul, equally suspicious characters:

Kurt and Jeff in Christmas Eve finery:

And Christmas morning finery:

We actually had to wake little Mr. Pacific Time up on Christmas morning, lest he miss it. It took him several days to forgive us…

Grandparents Niehaus in their Christmas morning uniforms:

Here we are under our Super-Awesome-Could-Stop-Lava-And-Brimstone umbrella:

Look, a nice picture of me and my baby!

Then there were the cousins, oh the cousins. First we have Luke, the closest first cousin in age to Kurt. Hearing his little two and a half year old voice utter the word "BabyKurht" was very, very sweet.

This picture, while not flattering to my child, is honest. That's Luke, Luke and Sawyer to the right of Kurt.

Observe Lukie trying in vain to comfort our little guy, who's trying desperately to make his exit from the photo shoot:

Kurt and his second cousin Levi (son of the lovely Renee):

Question: How do you get seven children age five and under to sit still for a photo with their great-grandparents Niehaus? Answer: You don't. (Notice Sawyer being beautiful, however.)

This one with Poco Irv is slightly more successful only for having three kids over the age of five:

I'm not sure what Kurt thought he was trying to pull here:

We got individual photos with his great grandparents, but Kurt was no more cooperative:

This is a brief photo essay about Sawyer, Jeff, and their mutual love affair with a little thing called the Wii:

Here's Kurt trying to get in on the action during Guitar Hero. (If you have not yet heard how much I suck at Guitar Hero, don't worry. You will. Apparently, my badness is becoming legendary.)

Aunt Kimberly, looking fetching in her Chanukah pjs, and having the French toast situation completely in hand:

Kurt gave nearly everything a round of applause this week:

He also got to practice climbing stairs. He's no a climber so far, this kid. I hate to say it, but with my blue eyes he may have indeed inherited the Chicken Gene. This bears watching.

Of course, there's no way we would have left home without Kurt's friend Cordy:

While we were there we visited a fabulous place called Pump It Up. It's all inflatable structures, all the time. Not just bouncy houses either. Slides, obstacle courses, and bigger slides. The kids loved it almost as much as we did. I got this shot of Jeff coming down a slide:

In return, he got this shot of me going through an obstacle course:

And with that, I bid you goodnight.

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