A Tale Of Two Birthdays

First, here is the reason why there is not yet an official birthday picture of Kurt in his chair. When we got home from our little Kurt celebration this evening, we put Kurt down for a nap before dinner, after which I figured we'd get our shot. That was five hours ago. True, he's still getting over the disease from hell, but I must say I'm surprised that he would choose sleep over dinner, because he rarely chooses sleep over anything.

I am not entirely without cute pictures, however. Here he was at breakfast this morning, clearly feeling more like himself. Yes, those are Cheerios stuck to his face:

Anyway, Kurt's grandparents Niehaus did have a small to-doing in St. Louis before we left, subdued at least in part because of the stomach bug floating around the house (we did not get it, thank goodness, but basically everyone else did).

The Demolishing of the Cupcake:

Grandma Marlo baked Kurt red velvet cupcakes. Delicious! And messy. Here's Kurt being SOOOO BIG!

Besides his personalised M&Ms (blue and white with his picture and "We Love Kurt" inscribed), he received his very own rocking chair:

Today we celebrated with Max, Danielle and Joel, of course! Here's Kurt being lord of the table, and his new nifty toy:

The obligatory birthday hat picture:

We did not let him eat another cupcake.

He really was feeling better today. No fevers last night, and the flow of mucus has slowed considerably. Long may it be before we have a month like this again.

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