Less Puking, More Cookies

How are we feeling? So much better, in fact, that we made Christmas cookies last night! Jeff did the actual baking, and I can't help but feel he's a got a knack for this crap. My main contribution was mixing the food coloring into the frosting. Sometime after we'd sat down to decorate the cookies, Jeff licked the frosting off his fingers and wondered aloud, "Why have we never done this before?"

Kurt is most improved in overall health, despite his expression in the following picture, where he is wearing quite possibly the two most awesome articles of clothing he owns:

He's a bit happier with the hat undone:

And downright dreamy eyed in his Star Wars t-shirt alone:

He's back to chasing the cats. Here he got lucky and actually caught one:

And he's back to eating, about as well as he ever did. He is a most enthusiastic chewer of table foods. But after thoughtfully chewing whatever waffle, dried cherry, cheese or bagel he's gamely taken into his mouth, he then sweetly allows it to fall out of his mouth into his lap. It's pretty gross. Of course, he has his limit as to what he'll try. Here he is being offered broccoli, and shaking his head so furiously that he ceases to exist in our time /space continuum.

We leave for St. Louis on Christmas Eve. There may be snow, and I'm very excited…

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