Kurt ‘ s Best Friend

Kurt adopted one of the Iphone cords several weeks ago and now trails it around the house. He picks it up, flops it around, and of course, sucks on it. Once, he stuck it in his mouth while it was still attached to a computer, and a window popped up on the screen that said "Device Not Recognized." Here's a picture Danielle took of him staring at the cord fondly:

Which begs the question: Why do we ever buy him toys?

2 thoughts on “Kurt ‘ s Best Friend”

  1. OMG…Luke did the SAME thing!! I freaked out when the computer said “unrecognized device” thinking he could have been zapped like when you put your tongue on a battery or something. Oh well! It certainly seems that the best toys are those that are lying around the house and FREE! šŸ™‚


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