Vegas, Baby, Vegas

Summer finally gave it up this week after a good month of serious, devil's armpit heat. It was regularly in the nineties every day there for a while. My child, who does not own a coat, barely needed a shirt in this fair month of October, and if I could have comfortably gone without clothes I probably would have.

It's getting nice and cool and foggy here now, and there's even the occasional changing foliage. But instead of appreciating it, I just end up dreading the men with leaf blowers, who are determined to wake sleeping babies and mommies at odd times of day. Ah the joys of university subsidized housing, gardening and maintenance included. People, I am ready to move.

But I digress. We went to Vegas last week! Kurt's first trip, and he didn't lose a dime. The Kraxaws kept him happy in the backseat on the way there.

We stayed downtown, as previously mentioned, and yes, we really did enjoy it.

I know what you're thinking. Maybe something like "Las Vegas isn't an appropriate place to bring a small child," and I will admit, I didn't see many other babies there. But, really, Las Vegas is, like, totally family oriented now! There's nothing even remotely inappropriate these days…wait, wha…?

So, it was definitely a stimulating environment. The kid had lots to keep him occupied, causing us to have several pictures of this posture:

Kurt and I actually got to bed fairly early each night, and everyone else stayed up to do the gambling and carousing, but I hear it was happy. (Do not feel sorry for me. I'm not exactly a hearty partier. I have waited all my life for an iron clad excuse to go home and go to bed early instead of going out on the town, and now, at long last, I have him.) Anyway, I was delighted to find out that casinos have finally caught on that Starbucks is a good idea on casino floors, for those souls trying to stay up late enough to have fun, or get up early enough to swim in the sun.

Our boy hit the pool for the first time, after a little lounging, of course.

The first day of swimming (in the awesome pool, by the way), was not so great. He was cold, he was scared, and despite all reassurances, he was not enjoying himself.

The next day was just the two of us, and I don't know if the pressure was off or what, but by the end, he liked it. We paddled around, looked at the fish and watched Jeff play blackjack at the poolside table.

I tried to explain to Kurt that he doesn't need to love the water. He could end up being a mountains and trees guy like Grandpa Bob, and that's okay. But he'll still need to learn how to swim, just in case he ever wants to go on a reality show, if for no other reason. The non-swimmers on Survivor and Amazing Race tank every time.

Now we're back home, and all back at work.

3 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby, Vegas”

  1. Good trip, nice introduction to swimming pools, a small casino win, some sleep – what a great time for the 5 of you. Kurt was one busy little guy. Looks like he did just fine —- the traveler.


  2. Nice story, he’ll later be telling the next Dr Phil-kidding. He is a seasoned traveler at under a year. Lucky kid lucky parents!! Looks like more teeth and hair – cool should be in by first Xmas and 1st year pick. Auntie Lisa


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