Action Kurt

In jayne-speak, "tomorrow"="sometime in the next week."

I ended up working an extra night this weekend, more out of guilt than poverty, which is not to say we're not poor, of course. But when I work extra nights it's almost always because I feel bad for the nurses who need help. The money isn't enough that it ever feels worth it for that reason, but I like the bump in credibility amongst my coworkers. Anyway, so since I worked extra I was officially worthless today, other than playing with Kurt and feeding him sometimes. I also took a lovely nap with him. The day he stops needing naps will be a sad day indeed, because I will never stop needing naps, and I don't anticipate that he will be particularly understanding on that point.

Speaking of Kurt (What were the odds Kurt was going to come up in this post?), we enrolled in my gym recently, and he had his first class on Thursday. You might ask yourself what a gym class for a nine month old could possibly be like. Basically it involves a few youngish girls with way too much energy thrusting babies into unfamiliar situations and laughing at their bewilderment. Which sounds horrifying but is really quite adorable. He seemed to enjoy himself, and it gives him a chance to socialize with other babies, which is nice because our one good friend with a baby lives about forty miles away and I don't anticipate us making a bunch of new friends with people right now just because they have babies and we also have one.

Here he is in the balls:

And on the swinging bridge:

Jeff is not teaching this quarter, which means he's working at home a lot, which means he's doing a lot of this:

I continue to be impressed with his daddyness. You just don't know for sure if your mating partner is going to suck as parent until it's too late, and once again, I'm very thankful mine rocks.

3 thoughts on “Action Kurt”

  1. Wonderful! The “Gym” sounds great. Hope they have steps for him to learn to climb up before December :)Kurt is fortunate to have TWO ‘rocking’ parents. Way to go Kurt!


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