The Sleep War, part two: Interlude

First of all, let me say that it took me about four times to type the first line of text here, so ready for bed am I. But I will give you our status, though I make no guarantees of coherence.

After some thought, and with the seed planted by Hava, it occurred to us to try swaddling again, just Kurt's arms. (And I should point out here that the positions held on the issue of swaddling are many and varied. Both our doctor and our development person say it doesn't matter and that swaddling is something babies need until they don't need it anymore, but my sister-in-law back east was told by her doctor to stop swaddling at four or five months. The books go both ways.) So, anyway, we tried it and put him into his crib awake and his crying time went from about twelve minutes of "Why do you torture me so?" wailing to about fifty eight seconds of "Why do you mildly annoy me so?" whining. Crying times have varied since then, ranging from zero to five minutes. He stays asleep longer and wakes up happier. So, the kid needs his arms swaddled. But bedtime good.

Nap times still bad. In the first few days of Ferber, he was actually increasing his crying time, averaging about eighteen minutes of crying for every half hour of napping. There was no question that this was not worth it, so we've backed off of it during the day for now. He seems to be sleeping less overall during the day anyway, having levelled off at two naps, and those over with by four in the afternoon.

So, the snoozing for everyone is much better, due in great part to Jeff, who has made it his life's mission to come up with a reliable bedtime routine that culminates in Kurt going peacefully into his crib awake at a decent hour. It was clear from the get-go that I was the weak link in the crying-it-out plan. In my defense, if I were not easily manipulated by the appearance of human suffering, I'd be a really bad nurse. Jeff, however, swallowed his constant compulsions to rescue his child from what we could hear over the monitor was obviously a horrible Kurt-eating monster, and kept his eye on the prize. Our lives are better for that.

The main reason I had pushed so hard to get Kurt unswaddled in the first place was that I worried it was impeding his gross motor development. But he is now, without a doubt, crawling. So with that and his six teeth, he is officially a danger to himself and others.

Oh, but cute.

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