Missing jayne report

Hello people! I guess it's been a while since I've been with you in any meaningful sense. I have an airtight excuse for not posting, however. Lots of them. You heard about my daring rescue of those kids from that orphanage fire, I trust? No? Well, surely news of the way I sat down in front of that bulldozer to save those thousand year old trees reached you. Seriously? Trust me, it happened. Oh, yes. There is no way I have been wasting my time off lying around on the couch watching old Frasier episodes with my seven month old and shopping the internet for cheap real estate. (Did you know you can get a solar powered custom built house on 11 acres in Rolla, Missouri for $208,000?)

So what have we actually been doing? Joel's birthday was Saturday the sixteenth, and I can't get enough pictures of Joel making this face:

We had Indian food and then, of course, played cards. Kurt sunk the birthday boy's score with his reckless strategical advice, but Joel is good natured about these things.

Sunday we drove up to Sacramento to see the California contingent of Tetloffs. Unlike the last time we did this trip, no one had to stop to pump or nurse, one of us was able to sit up in a highchair to have his lunch, and I was not worthless from having had a C-section less than a month before. So twas a much easier trip, and I remembered to take pictures of the aunts.

There was much aunt love. Annie:


Janet, who had an oddly calming influence:

We also had a surprise appearance from my nephew Bryan, who is always good for a photo-op:

It was that time of year again, so with my nephew Anthony we attended the State Fair, where we watched a fascinating cross section of society mingle. Kurt rode the monorail:

He very much enjoyed the animal exhibits, except, oddly, the house cat exhibit (?!) Apparently he is faithful to his cats at home. But he looved the horses (I have no son!). Early in the proceedings, Jeff declared his intention to eat a deep fried pop tart. He eventually did so, about twenty minutes before going on a ride called the G-Force. That went about as well as you can imagine, but he regrets nothing.

Meanwhile, despite pictures like this,

Kurt isn't crawling. He gets into a crawling positions and stays there, sometimes pushing his butt way up in the air, sometimes rocking back and forth. I can sit four feet away, holding in front of him, say, a cat, and calling, "Kurt! Crawl over and pet the kitty. Come! CRAWL TO ME, MY SON!!!!" He will then collapse onto his tummy and flap his arms and legs. It's clearly frustrating for him. Any time I put him on the ground into a sitting position, he immediately tries to crawl, fails, then cries or screams (he just figured out he can do that), until I pick him up and we start again. And again.

So Kurt remains a pollywog, but stay tuned.</

3 thoughts on “Missing jayne report”

  1. Oh wow, what a great post. Thank you for all of the updates and photos. When Kurt DOES start crawling – he will reveal his surprise ***** he has been taking C-l-i-m-b-i-n-g, lessons from the cats …what an active guy he’ll be in a few weeks đŸ™‚


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