Kurt reads Ferber

There is currently a sleep war being waged on at least three fronts in this house. Books and elders are being consulted, etc. It will be easier to write about when it's past. But I can tell you that Kurt is taking the problem very seriously.

3 thoughts on “Kurt reads Ferber”

  1. DARLING photos. Kurt is very fortunate to have such understanding and adoring parents. Hang in there and you too will one day get to experience multiple hours of continous sleep. Everyone is going to tell you – wait until he is a teenager – you’ll not be able to wake him and get him out of bed 🙂 Sending lots of love to our Sleepless-in-Santa-Barbara family, Mombo and Grandp Bob


  2. Don’t you both work/sleep different schedules… he’s confused but will eventually settle into a morning or evening person but if you can stick to some kind of routine, why stress? LisaPS Heidi (@24)is still up all night; Bryan(26)likes to be in bed by 10-11 or he’s grouchey.


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