Kurt feels the love

So, back to last weekend. When Jeff's parents got here it was touch and go the first night (Just who are these grandparent people and why do they insist on snuggling me, anyway?). But by morning it was very clear that their love was here to stay, and Kurt happily lapped it up.

The good feeling lasted throughout the weekend of traipsing about the beaches and parks, lolly gagging around the apartment, and going out for meals, where Kurt sat up in a restaurant high chair for the very first time:

(Am I crazy or just a Tetloff for loving leopard print carpet?) Anyway, this means that there will be fewer "Whose turn is it to hold the little dude so everyone else can eat?" conversations. (sigh)

On Sunday evening we went to the beach that is high in the running for being the place that Kurt has visited more than anyplace else on earth. No stranger to the ocean, this kid. But rarely is it more than just Kurt and me, and never has it been more than the two of us AND someone with a quick camera trigger finger. Every single other time I have dipped my baby into the ocean he has enjoyed it, but of course, the minute it's recorded for posterity….

3 thoughts on “Kurt feels the love”

  1. those are some darling pictures! you guys sure are photogenic! I just can’t get over it, charlies aunt had zebra and leopard throws in her couches, so exotic! love you all, anne b


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