Personally, I would rather have clothes on

There have been no posts because I am on day 9 of my diet and I grow too weak to type. This particular post has been made possible by coffee, Jeff Niehaus-style.

So lately at work I've been spending more time being in charge than being a nurse. Besides the regular list of jobs the charge nurse has to do, I have to answer a lot of questions from the floor nurses, and I realized this weekend that I have an alarming tendency, when I don't know the answer, to just make things up. We're not talking life or death decisions here, just procedural stuff, or hospital protocol stuff. It turns out I'm right about 85-90% of the time, which is funny, because I've been a B+ student most of my life. I always figured I wasn't living up to my potential, but alas, I think this pretty much settles that question.

But back to my diet. It's very strange to see what pregnancy permanently alters about your body. Being the weight I was before I got pregnant doesn't seem to matter. There has been a change in my fundamental morphology. At this point, it's lose an extra twenty pounds or buy all new clothes. I understand this is a natural consequence of childbearing. I see a lot of naked old people at my job and I have no illusions about what's ahead of me in forty years. There will be sagginess, weird splotches, etc. That's the downside of making it that far. (But every once in a while I meet someone who seems impervious. I never know quite how to express it. It's easy but inadequate to say that someone looks a lot younger than their years. However, I've never found the appropriate context to say, "You know, you have surprisingly firm, supple breasts for an eighty year old." ) Anyway, this is the first real, structured diet I've ever been on, and I'm trying to not make it a big deal, except it is, and other than the fact that I seem to have broken out in hives, the diet is going well. The hives could be a coincidence, or I could be allergic to dieting.

The boy is his usual sweet self. We put him in the swing at our complex's playground, which is an awesome little patch of kid heaven I utterly failed to notice the first five childless years we lived here.

There was trepidation:

A moment of almost panic:

And, of course, surrender:I had a brief moment of despair last night when the TV remote stopped working, and, long story short, I guess I shouldn't let Kurt chew on it anymore.

5 thoughts on “Personally, I would rather have clothes on”

  1. Oh my gosh – it’s good to read a new entry! If you find the answer to regaining a “post pregnancy” body, please pass that information along – heaven knows your mother-in-law has ben looking for the answer for the last 33 years :)Give mr. Kurt a huge hug and kiss for us. We miss you 3,Dad and Mom


  2. Contemplating my own post-baby body, I can’t help but wonder…did the 80 year olds with surprisingly firm, supple breasts remain childless throughout their lives? Or, perhaps, had children, but just never breast fed? Or, did they seek out some kind of medical (i.e., plastic surgical) intervention? If you ever get the chance to ask and find out their secret, let me know!


  3. You have been looking really good in your pictures lately, don’t worry it will come off, drink more peppermint tea, female tea.etc that baby is adorable!…love you…anne b


  4. It somehow makes me feel better knowing that you’re dieting, too, although you don’t look like you need it! It was a hard first week, but my goal is pre-preg by Thanksgiving. Although, I’m coming to the same realization that even if I got there, the clothes may just never fit right again. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you guys in Dec! Love,Jennie


  5. Loved the pics of Kurt. Glad to know all is well. (Just remember, in certain societies, a few extra pounds is seen as a symbol of wisdom…just where are those societies? Book me a flight!)Love,Aunt Ellie


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