Fire update (Lisa, calm down)

The fire and its accompanying smoke have drifted largely northeast of us. I don't even think it rained ash today, and the air is so much less smoky, at least partly because we're just a lot closer to the ocean than to the mountains. We can't even see flames from our parking lot anymore. But, apparently Schwarzenegger came to the town yesterday to say yup that's a big fire. The fairgrounds have been overtaken by the military and the power keeps blinking in the evenings….including at the hospital which is REALLY annoying. (Blinking power is not going to turn off anyone's life support but it does cause the nurses' computers to reboot. Charting goes bye-bye.)

Also, the Goleta fireworks were cancelled, but since I spent the Fourth at work, I got to see Santa Barbara fireworks over the ocean from one of my patient's rooms. The patient didn't want to walk, didn't want to eat and later told me she's tired of trying but she did get up to watch the fireworks, so maybe that's a good sign.

If you have not done so yet, check out Max's pictures of our neighborhood Thursday night. It was wacky.

Meanwhile on the Kurt front…

He is officially rolling over and is no longer to be trusted to not roll into hard objects near him on the floor. He's still not exactly fast and wily, but we're proud nonetheless. He's also trying to get up on his knees from his tummy, presumably in an effort to crawl, but who knows? (Aren't babies supposed to go into crawling position from a sitting stance? Of course, his main strategy of gaining momentum to roll seems to come from whipping his head over as hard as he can instead of using his legs and arms. You might be a Tetloff if….) Anyway, he struggles to gain leverage with his legs by squashing his face into the floor. I worry about his pain sensors sometimes.

Our face-squashing rolling wonder also happily ate a very respectable amount of applesauce tonight. Maybe he just hates rice cereal and bananas.

Some pictures…

From tonight's bath, our inexplicably blond, blue eyed baby:

He was not interested in the naan at Flavor of India, but the plate? Yummy! (Thank you Danielle!):

This picture was on the camera when I uploaded everything tonight:

2 thoughts on “Fire update (Lisa, calm down)”

  1. Thank you for letting us know things are calming down in Goleta. Aren’t you proud of your governor? šŸ™‚ Max’s blog was great! Go Kurt Go – enjoy those ‘sweets’ (applesauce) rather than those ricey carbs :)Love to all, Dad and Mom


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